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Motherhood is a wonderful time.  We want to celebrate all women who are mothers.  After having my three children, I have a newfound respect for all mothers including my own mother and her mother, who had 2 and 9 children respectively.

Living abroad means that I don’t always have the daily family support but when I looked around, I realised that many mothers today do live the same way in cities without their family so daily advice and support has to come from another trusted source.

Parenthood, however, has its moments where it can be a lonely and frustrating time too.  We often look to other mothers and they seem to have it all under control, but the truth is, do they?

We have chosen like-minded mothers from around the world to share their joys and tribulations about motherhood, and more importantly they will share their new discoveries that might just help another mother along.

We have chosen mothers who are world travellers too, and they will tell you about their last family holiday or weekend getaway.  Sometimes, there is no better critic than a mother on holiday.

More importantly, it is just to feel that motherhood for all mothers is a reality, not always a glossy feature.  It is important to capture the beautiful moments, but also to share some home truths I wish I were told about motherhood.

I hope that you will enjoy meeting my friends who are just a handful of mothers out there I really admire who have kindly, in between breastfeeding and school runs, given up their time to be part of this project.  Many of them were incredible career-driven women working in London, New York, Singapore and Dubai, who have given up their careers for their children.  There are also other mothers contributing to this website who are continue to work or run their own enterprises whilst balancing time with husbands and children. They are all fascinating and inspiring women with incredible stories to share.

Edwina Viel, wife to my amazing husband, Maurizio Viel, and mother to Luca, Sofia, Lorenzo and baby Leonardo.


Monday, February 17, 2014