Milking it | Real strawberry milk is white. Koita launches a new strawberry milk that is bug free.

Kris Fade, Edwina Viel (Editor), Emily Liden and Founder of Koita Milk, Mustafa Koita

The little bugs normally used to colour strawberry milk.

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The Koita family launched yet a new flavor of milk – their Strawberry Milk and it’s NOT PINK BUT WHITE.  Yes, this goes against what we traditionally know to be the colour of ‘strawberry milk.’

Did you know?

The red colouring from most ‘pink’ coloured milk is made from bugs or cochineal insects.  The insects provide a colour pigment which is normally stored in their guts and these bugs can usually be found on a cactus in countries like Kenya.  Manufacturers usually grind up these little insects to provide food colouring or even as lipstick pigment.

Did you know?

The strawberry milk is from Italy,  made with organic milk and free from chemical pesticides.  There are also no hormones injected into the cows and  the milk is more importantly free from crushed bugs.

Everyone who knows me well knows I love genuine organic products.  It’s been the buzz word, and there are many products on the market using the term ‘organic’ with no true certification.  Koita Organic Milk is EU Certified organic milk made with real organic Italian strawberries.  The products have an 8-month shelf life and sold in Tetra-pak (paper, not plastic).

The Verdict?

Whilst, one of the ingredients in Koita’s strawberry milk contains sugar, I still give it to my children as a treat.  It is made with organic milk and organic strawberries and a better choice compared with other types of poorly made strawberry milk. I believe it is important to educated children on what is a balanced and healthy diet.  I don’t like to ban my children from sugary treats but it is important to also  educate them that strawberry milk is treat at the end of a long week.  My younger three kids absolutely love the strawberry milk and my daughter is fascinated that her lovely tasting strawberry milk is white.  My eldest remains firmly in the chocolate milk camp.

The milkman

The Koita milkman delivers it straight to your front door so you don’t have to drag it through the supermarkets.  Otherwise, Carrefour, Mumzworld, Waitrose, Spinneys, Ripe Organic, Greenheart Organic are just some of the many locations where strawberry milk is available.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2019