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DIY Children’s Fairy Crown by Simone Heng

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Simone Heng is the creator of the fabulous and creative website, DIYnamic Style.  Simone is a Singaporean Australian born and raised in Australia and spent much of her twenties in Dubai working as a successful TV and radio presenter.  Her other passion is DIY (Do-It-Yourself Fashion), and Simone crafts accessories, clothes and even home decor that look like you have bought them in the store.  What’s more your pieces will be unique.  This is her smart girl’s guide to life.  We are thrilled that Simone will regularly contribute to our craft and design column for children all the way from Perth, Australia.  You can also follow her to check some of her other projects.

I don’t often make kids craft, in fact when I set up this website, I vowed not to do kiddies projects but coming home has made me spend a lot more time with family. I’ll also soon be contributing regular children’s DIY projects to in Dubai.

You will need: ribbon, lace, fake vine, sea beads, tulle in various colours and base fabrics in the similar colours to the tulle (I chose fabrics that would fray to give the flowers a slightly shabby chic feel), sewing scissors, needle and thread, glitter glue and butterflies (I added glitter on them and it’s not shown here).

Begin by making the crown out of the vines. Simply take the 2 lengths of vine and form a circle, tucking the loose ends under each other until a wreath is formed. For Isabel’s small head I estimated 20% smaller than my own head circumference.

Now make the flowers. Begin by cutting semi circles from a piece of fabric folded in half.

From here repeat with the matching base fabric until you have a voluminous flower. You fold the circles in uneven quarters and then thread them onto the needle.

Now take your sea beads and sew a magic sprinkling in the centre.

Continue this with the other flowers and set them aside. Take the crown and some tulle and using wire, ribbon or in my case small lengths of wire with beads, fasten tulle around the crown.

Take your needle and thread and attach the fabric flowers from here. I also added butterflies. The last step for this part of the crown is to add tulle on the inside of the front of the crown. This will add a barrier between the ends of the flowers and wires and the child’s skin so it’s pretty important to stop irritation.

To create the back of the crown tie differing lengths of ribbon so that they cascade down the back of the child’s head.

That’s it and now you can gift this to a very special little girl!

Happy Birthday little one!


Sunday, March 09, 2014