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Seashells on The Palm

Welcome to Seashells On The Palm.

I am Edwina Viel, mother of 4 children and wife to Dr Maurizio Viel.  I was born in Singapore but raised in the UK in a boarding school, and later attended Edinburgh University before starting my life as a banker in the City of London working for banks like Morgan Stanley Quilter and UBS Wealth Management (UK) Ltd.  I was raised never to quit my own career even if I had a family, and when I made that decision I did feel lost, and I still did after 3 years even when I had my children.

My husband and I moved to Dubai in 2009, when our eldest son, Luca was just 5 weeks old.  I had to leave my banking career to help my husband and his brother in the family business – they have their plastic surgery practice in London and Dubai.  It was really a change for me changing from a corporate practice to a start-up family owned business in a brand new city.  I thought it was going to be easier but it was in fact more hardwork because it just doesn’t stop, and I had to learn a new discipline to manage my time between work and home because there are moments when it all merges together.

I started the website in 2014 after having three children and I was pregnant with my fourth as my own creative outlet.  I struggled when I first moved to Dubai with no family to help me, advise me, or just to be there for me.  I just wanted to help other mums like me to know that there are other mothers out there too who are struggling, and I felt information in this City of Dubai could be disjointed and not necessarily what I was looking for.

This website tries to help mums share their experiences, discuss lifestyle choices for the family, discover new activities for families or just simply to look for date night restaurants or give you ideas on countries that are suitable to travel for families.

If you ever feel like sharing something about your challenges and joys of motherhood do contact us as we would love to hear from you because there is always someone out there that relates to the growing pains of having children.

For more information, please contact info@seashellsonthepalm.com

Edwina & The Seashells On the Palm Team