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What not to say to first time mums

10 things New Dads Should Never Say to their First Time Mums.

Ten things a new dad should never say to his new first time mum even if you are trying to make her feel better.  Remember her patience with the lack of sleep has more than halved.

#You look tired, you should get some rest.  I think no mum that wakes up all night needs to be reminded of the fact that she doesn’t look her best.  Just give her a kiss on the forehead rather than make any comment.

#Don’t worry the baby weight will fall off soon.  Most real women still hold onto their baby weight for a couple of months after delivery.  It is always a sensitive subject so leave it.

#Why is the baby crying?  She probably has been tearing her out figuring it out herself.  Try saying, ‘Give the baby to me, why don’t you have a break?’

#What’s for dinner?  Try,’ What can I organise for our dinner?’  She has just carried your baby in her tummy for nine months, feeds the baby throughout the night, changes diapers at 3.45am and probably hasn’t slept since.  You can easily rustle up dinner even if it is beans on toast.  She is probably so hungry, it will taste like a gourmet meal.

#I am exhausted, I have been at work all day.  The lack of a whole night’s sleep is a slow means of torture for any new mum despite the unconditional love for her little dumpling.  Your wife has faced the same thing all day so don’t start a competition.

#What have you been doing today?  You married her, and asked her to raise your children.  Don’t sound like you doubt her.

#Do you mind to pick something up for my mother as she is coming to visit?  Don’t ask her to do unnecessary chores in the first 3 months.  Go out, do it.  She is your mother.

#I am going out with the boys tonight.  I need a break.  You would have to have a very understanding wife to get away with that one especially in the first two months.

#Are you sure you are producing enough milk?  Why is the baby still crying?  You don’t think she already thought of it?  Lactating is a complicated business.

#Whatever you do, don’t quote your mother. “My mum thinks you should do it like that”.  She didn’t ask you for it.