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Four Seasons Residences Bangkok | Own a piece of Siam

It is not everyday the Four Seasons come up with residences that will offer Four Seasons services and lifestyle as part of your  everyday living.  They only have a select handful of these projects around the world from Asia-Pacific to the Americas.   I am not looking to live in Bangkok but definitely always looking out for possible investment opportunities around the world since London, Singapore and Dubai prices have become out of reach in certain prime areas.  As a former banker, I know diversity in everyone’s investment portfolio is key.

Potential for Bangkok

The BBC recently wrote earlier this year about how Bangkok was a city that at face value shouldn’t be a great expat assignment, but yet it is.  The traffic is pretty spectacular but people living in the city seem to embrace the chaos into their everyday living, and are surprisingly unflustered or frustrated about it.  Bangkok has decades, if not centuries, of experience with expats, and most expats today choose to live close to the BTS (the Sky Train), the most common form of transportation. Similar Asian cities like Singapore and Hong Kong have property prices that are currently 3 – 6 times the prices of Bangkok and most foreigners struggle to jump on the property ladder in London, Singapore and Hong Kong these days, and Bangkok offers opportunities that are within reach.

Bangkok edge

I was seriously surprised that after many years since my last trip to Bangkok, the city has now picked up an edgy feel with cool, world class restaurants bringing to the city’s life the best of Thai and international restaurants, cafes and huge malls with many of them now resting on the bank of the Chao Phraya River.  To read more about Bangkok click here.

Four Seasons Perks

The Four Seasons Residences Bangkok has just been released to the market for sale and interest for the properties has been astonishing with 3 out of the 5 penthouses already sold with a price tag of circa USD20million.  Seashellsonthepalm.com went to look at the luxury mock up of a 4 bedroom apartment estimated to cost around USD3million and to understand opportunities to invest in another city that holds 15 million residents.

The residences will have a rooftop Four Seasons Club where owners can relax or entertain guests – combining exclusive club facilities with contemporary urban entertainment offerings.  There will be golf simulator and billiards rooms, as well rooms for children’s music lessons and private tutoring sessions.  For adults, they will appreciate the glass walled wine room to store prized vintages, a cigar room, and an infinity pool from the 66th floor.

There is also the River Lounge located at the base of the building   with views of the Chao Phraya river giving a discreet entrance to the hotel for the residences.

Also Residences can also enjoy facilities located at deck level including another swimming pool, children’s pool, private cabanas, gym facilities with multipurpose studios for pilates and other creative entertaining spaces.

Country Development PCL

The Four Seasons Bangkok was previously located in the same area of the Erawan temple, and will re-open in Bangkok with the help of the developer, Country Group Development PCL in the Chao Phraya Estate.  This new project is the vision of Ben Taechabol, who is the CEO of the company; a second generation entrepreneur who works within his family business.  Ben developed a passion for property development during his career, and has already been worked for the last 6 years on the foundations of this development.  He has curated an amazing team and network to help his vision flourish, and his project remains on track with aims to complete this project at the end of 2018.

Chao Phraya Estate

Within the Chao Phraya Estate, will rest three properties, a Capella Hotel Founded by Legendary Hotelier Horst Schulze, Four Seasons Hotel designed by the infamous John Michelle Getty whose other projects include One & Only’s Reethi Rah and Chevel Blanc in the Maldives, and finally the 73-floor Four Seasons Residences that will be flanked by the two luxury hotels.  For those not familiar with the Capella Hotel Group, this is the original team behind the Ritz Carlton that created the Capella name, an incredible brand of boutique hotels that offer only hotel suites.  The first flagship of this brand is on Singapore’s Sentosa Island and is arguably one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore or even in Asia.

The new Chao Phraya Estate development will rest on the famous and historical Chao Phraya River and these waters have supported the City’s economy for hundreds of years, and the river banks is also home to other well-known hotels like the Shangri-la, Mandarin Oriental and the home of the King and Queen of Thailand, the Grand Palace.  The Estate is also located next to Bangkok’s third best International School, Shrewsbury International.

Four Seasons Residences Bangkok

Country Group Development PCL is collaborating with one of the world’s most well-known hotel groups to create what Ben describes as ‘meaningful, luxury waterfront residential lifestyle’ and ‘it epitomises the legendary customised design, style and service that discerning guests from around the world have come to expect from Four Seasons’.  These stunning apartments are now on sale, and already investors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok have purchased several units.

Ben Taechabol

Ben Taechabol, was born in Bangkok but raised in Sydney, is Director and CEO of Country Group Development PCL.  Ben is also a family man and father to his 2 year-old son.  Ben is the second child in a family of four, and returned back to Bangkok over a decade ago.  He would probably describe himself as third cultured, giving him the ability to naturally bring East and West together.   He is a refined, reserved and thoughtful individual who has poured much his energy and passion into this project.

For more information please see www.chaoprayaestate.com

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