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The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro | Dining Options

The Residence Maldives is run by Cenizaro, a Singapore based company, and that made me curious as to what the daily menu at the resort would be composed of.  I was thrilled to know that the head chef is from Indonesia with much experience in Asian and Western cooking.  Then, the next concern was if the children would like the menu  – every parent’s worry.  My children are not fussy eaters in general but out of 4 children, one is bound to disagree with something the others like.  For more about their special offers see below.

Asian Delights

When I discovered Pad Thai, Mee Goreng, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Goreng, Char Siu Wonton Noodles, on the menu I was delighted, and even more delighted that the authentic tasting dishes were prepared well.  The pool side restaurant where we ate at almost everyday served all the mentioned Asian delights as well as good quality pizzas, burgers, pastas, and sandwiches.  One of my husband’s favourite request in the Maldives is Spaghetti Alio, Olio e Pepperoncino using the extremely hot Maldivian chilli.  This was made to perfection.  If you are into spicy food do ask to try the flavoursome Maldivian chilli, perfect with Pad Thai and Mee Goreng but heed my warning – they are very spicy!

Breakfast & Dinner

Breakfast and dinner is usually served in the open-aired main dining room.  Breakfast has a wide variety of options from deli meats, pancakes, chinese porridge, pastries, yoghurts, fresh honey comb, sushi and so forth.  Perhaps the only missing thing was more organic options but the children loved every meal regardless and lapped up   their food at meal times. Dinner is an a la carte menu with different curries varying from Maldivian to Thai or pasta with crab as well as vegetarian options.  On occasion when we chose in-villa dining, the food was also of excellent quality, and we were excited for meal times.

Formal Dining at Fulhumaa Restaurant

For formal dining options, the hotel has its signature Fulhumaa  Restaurant nesting itself on a pier where you can hear the lapping of the waves over the reef, and guests dine under the stars on a clear night hoping for no evening showers.  The dishes are thoughtfully creative in line with any fine dining restaurant and we tried the tenderised pork dish and the tasty wagyu beef served on a bed of Himalayan salt cooked to choice.

The Residence Maldives also caters for other dining options but we didn’t have time to try it all including a dinner at the Sunset Grill, a private dining option, and a picnic on a deserted island.


Our deep sea fishing expedition led my son, Lorenzo, to catch a large local fish called the Wa Hu, and can be described to be from the same family as the Barracuda.  The kitchens then prepared the fish in a variety of ways including sashimi, Thai curry and grilled.

To check out our family’s review click here.

For more information visit www.cenizaro.com/theresidence/maldives-fm 

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Best new coffee and breakfast hangouts for Mums | Dubai

I loved all the old places where I could grab a quick coffee with a girlfriend after drop off but in recent months with 4 kids this has been a thing of the past until my youngest started nursery this January and it has given me one morning a fortnight for a quick catch up with friends.  I soon realised I was a little out of the loop so I had to make new discoveries and since in Dubai, we all love shiny new things and venues, here is a shortlist of my recently favourite tried and tested new venues.

Bystro | Sheikh Zayed Road

Located between Jones, The Grocer and The Lime Tree Cafe off SZR the location is central for almost any residential area.  It was pointed out by great friend (yes, you know who you are), that the acoustics are infinitely better making it more tranquil, especially during peak times in cafes.  It is also a good venue to get some work done outside of the house, many can be seen on their laptops beavering away over a latte and a croissant.  The food is super too if you are looking for a yummy breakfast in a cosy venue with great delicious smoothies and very attentive service.

Tel: +971 4 336 8056 Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm

The Cove Beach | Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Newly opened for breakfast, Cove Beach is a great proximity to several schools and an ideal location to meet after school drop off.  You can pretend for a few hours that you are on holiday with the Cove’s large open white spaces and sea view, whilst sitting next to super well-dressed trendy mummies you definitely get a sense of the venue’s St Tropez vibes.  It is not a place to go if you are in a hurry as you need time to soak in the gorgeous weather and view, relax and eat breakfast at a tranquil European pace.

Tel: +971 800 2683 Opening Hours: 8am – 3am

Frioul | Madinat Jumeirah

One of my favourites in Dubai because of its location and food.  It is located by the car park entrance to the Madinat so you don’t have to trawl through the Madinat Souk Arcade to reach this venue by the water.  I love this French eatery for dinner too as it gives the feeling of privacy with  a low key vibe (no need to dress up!!).  The owners of the restaurant are always keeping an eye on the service and food and can be seen wondering around, and their passion and attention to detail is evident in its increased popularity of the venue. They do a great breakfast too with delicious pastries and a perfectly created cappuccino.

Tel: +971 567 0011 Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm

Zest | One & Only The Palm

This is a little far to drive but if a friend is having  a birthday breakfast or a baby shower, it is such a lovely intimate place for breakfast.  It is an elegant venue with healthy options from raw vegetable plates, smoked salmon and a wide selection of freshly made pastries, as well as perfectly poached eggs.  It is my favourite hotel in the world to date, and definitely my favourite getaway destination in Dubai.

Tel: +971 4 440 1030 Opening Hours: 7am – 11am for breakfast (closing time 11pm)

Tashas Cafe | Galleria Mall

No matter what time of day, this little eatery is full.  The passion is in the cooking, and the number of customers reflect that they are doing something right.  Tasha’s Dubai is its first international branch out of South Africa, and this successful cafe has delicious breakfast for those seeking something wholesome and healthy.

Tel: +971 438 55500 Opening hours: 7.30am – 11pm

Culinary Boutique | Jumeirah 1

This well-designed cafe attracts many locals for its delicious and spoiling breakfasts.  The venue is the latest and trendiest hangout in the Jumeirah 1 area, and they even have valet to make the experience an easier one.  The venue is also a cooking school with classes all day long from Steak Master, Tres Risotto, and Gourmet Destiny just to name a few.

Tel: +971 4 345 0023 Opening hours for cafe: 8am – 10pm

First day at school | My darling baby girl by Samantha Mackey

The children at British systems around the world have now been at school for a few weeks, and we want to share the emotions and thoughts of mothers from around the world who have dropped off their eldest child at school or nursery for the very first time.  Samantha Mackey writes a letter to her 4-year old daughter to express her personal emotions of letting go.  Samantha, from the UK, lives in London with her husband and is mother to Leah and Dara.  She was previously a consultant for Accenture and decided to quit to follow her true passion, to teach.  She re-trained as a Primary School teacher, and has raised two magnificent children who have benefited from her teaching background.  Now as a parent herself sending her eldest to school she shares her feelings with us mothers who understand the bond, and how difficult it is to let them go.  

Samantha has written on Seashellsonthepalm.com previously about how to improve the language skills of your toddlers and young children – read more.

My darling baby girl,

But you are not a baby anymore? Are you? And its never been truer than now, this week, before you start big school on Friday. You are turning into such a charming, kind, funny, strong-minded, affectionate & considerate, fun filled, character and I am so proud of you. We both are. Daddy and I were just saying this evening over dinner how much you have grown up in the last few months. You are a strong girl who knows her mind and you will fight for what you think is right, which is a wonderful characteristic to have in life so i’m very grateful for that. But to coin a phrase, you have come out of your “terrible twos” slowly but surely, in the last few months and what is left behind is just beautiful. You are such a delight to be around, you make me laugh every day and smile all day and you are simply incredible with your brother. You are a better sister to him than I could ever have imagined. You play with him, you pick him up when he falls, you tell him what the rules are, you wrestle with him, you cuddle him. You teach him every day and are so patient with him. You sound out words syllabically to him so he can repeat you, and he does! He looks up to you so much and copies you and follows you around. He calls your name when you’re not there. So thank you Leah Joon. Thank you for being a great big sister.

He starts nursery next week and you have paved the way for him. He’s following your footsteps and going to your old nursery to be with your friends little siblings. And you my love are starting big school. I know that you are going to have a hard time to settle in. I know you are going to cry when I leave you there but I promise you that when you are old enough to read this letter you will have wonderful memories of Bute House. You are going to make wonderful friends and will enjoy learning and having space to learn. You will learn to make great choices and think big in life, to believe in yourself and know that you have our support with whatever path you choose in life. Because you have that character in you. You fight for what you think is right, remember?! Figure out what is right for you and fight for it. Dream big, give it everything you’ve got and you will find happiness in life.

In the meantime, enjoy being 4 and playing and having fun. I’ll be there every step of the way.

I love you to the sun and moon and back

I love you, night night, mchwa