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A private tour guide for your visitors | UAE

Your private travel guide in and around the UAE who speaks English, Italian and French – great for your visiting family and friends.

We have been living in Dubai now for over 6 years, and we think we have seen everything until that is we speak to Victor Casse, the owner of Visiter Dubai, and our personal friend and favourite tour guide in the UAE.

These are our quick reasons to book your private guide

#If you need to entertain family and friends

#If there are language barriers French | Italian | English

#If you love history

#If you like something off the beaten track

#If you want to escape the hordes of tourists

#If you want to travel with ease and get someone else to organise your day

#If family and friends do repeat trips to the UAE

If you are nodding at some of the above then read on.

Since we had cost centre number 3 and number 4, the number of guests that we have had to stay has fallen dramatically but we don’t blame them.  It is not much of a holiday if you stay with us and our brood.  However, I do know many friends who have their endless visitors.

We all love our guests but whilst they are on holiday, we are still doing the school run or working.  It is hard to palm off the family to the mall on their own – I don’t know about you but I feel guilty.

Victor is that bridging solution to arrange the family to be entertained for the day but he isn’t your typical commercial company that you are lumping your parents or friends onto. Victor normally looks after VIPs as well as corporate executives companies like L’Oreal who require a French speaking guide and services, as well as accompanying some French speaking executives to meetings to help with translation and to bring them a very well documented insight on the UAE.

Who is Victor? 

Not only is Victor a qualified and professional translator but he is a historian buff having graduated from the University of Paris in History, and later studying International Affairs at the Sciencepo in Paris, and has a Master degree in History from La Sorbonne in Paris.  He has lived in Dubai for over 5 years with his wife and two sons.

How does it work?

Victor, himself, will pick up a party of up to 5 passengers (for larger families, he can arrange bespoke transportation, just ask him), and take them on a either a half or whole day trip and the price includes the transport, water, entrance and Victor as your personal guide.  Prices start around AED1,400

Where can you go?

The day can be a bespoke tour into Abu Dhabi to see historical sites or the different museum projects, or a Pear tour in Dubai, a full day in Al Ain to see the historical forts or jut a generic tour.

For more information on Victor and the types of tours you can expect please go to www.visiterdubai.fr/en/