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Baby Leonardo reviews The Boba Carrier 4G Vail

I started having children 6 years ago, and The Boba Carrier was not an available option.  I used a baby bjorn for many years with the 4 children, and it has worn well until now so it has been definitely a good investment.  The problem with the baby bjorn that it works for me only for a limited time with my children.  By 8 months, my shoulders feel sore with the baby bjorn after a short walk as all the weight is all on your upper body.  As an infant carrier I still rate the baby bjorn as it is quick to get in and out of airports and aeroplanes but after 8 months to 1 year I had to switch to other alternatives.

The Boba baby carrier has been tested by baby Leonardo and dad. (the ultimate test).  Leonardo finds the carrier very comfortable, and he feels like he is in hammock and is lulled into a slumber easily.  My husband also finds it comfortable but he would prefer to use it in a mall or abroad in colder countries as the Boba is made from strong and thick fabric and finds it too warm so would prefer the baby bjorn for a hot and humimd walk on the beach.  For me, I thought that the baby’s weight was more evenly spread across my body as the majority of the weight is on the waist and shoulders, and I could carry him for longer on the Boba carrier.  I also love the feeling that the Boba gives which is ‘the hug’ because of the position  you are carrying the child.  In my crazy schedule, I love the intimacy of holding my two youngest so close to me even if I am charging through the supermarket.  My two year boy (cost centre number 3) also enjoyed being carried from behind ‘like a backpack’.  The Boba has adjustable footstraps to help support the child too.

There are also an array of designs but this was our personal family favourite.  Neutral enough for dad to also use it.  We are looking forward to taking it away with us on holiday next month.

The Viel family rates this product 9/10.

The Boba carrier can be purchased at babysouk.com