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My new discovery in skin care | Quality ingredients for better skin

Better ingredients for better skin | Caudalie Paris

Caudalie products first of all promise to be free of the following chemicals and the company also works hard to be environmentally friendly at the same time too:

No Parabens

No Phenoxyethanol

No Mineral Oils

No Gentically modified organisms

No Paraffin

No Synthetic artificial colourings

No Sodium laureth sulfate

No Phthalates

No Animal derived raw materials

That is a great start in my book.  I try my best to reduce my chemical intake on my skin and body, and whilst I cannot avoid it all, I do actively support companies that take this approach.  Caudalie was created by Mathilde and Bernard Thomas, using grape-vine extracted ingredients from their family vineyeard in Bordeaux, France.

It is also true that many companies that claim to be natural are also jumping on the bandwagon to create products to fool the hungry ‘organic and natural’ market.  Also, I have found at times that companies claiming to be ‘organic and natural’, unfortunately, create products that are not very effective.  There is also currently very little regulation in the ‘organic and natural’ market when it comes to certain products.

Caudalie is different, and I like it.  As many of you know I am pregnant with my fourth child so I do look for natural and organic products.  I normally have greasy and sensitive skin, but the pregnancy hormones means I now have dry and sensitive skin.  I have been using their new range of Vineexpert products for about 3 weeks now.  I love their packaging, their scent and most of all their true effectiveness.  I am now going to try out more of their range over the next few months as I am officially hooked.

Vineexpert Firming Serum

To help with my extra dry pregnancy skin I use the Vinexpert Firming Serum.  It is oil-free serum definitely helps moisturise my skin, and gets rid of that tightness after the shower.

Premier Cru The Cream

This has to be my favourite in the range during my pregnancy.  It is meant to have the ultimate anti-ageing action.  I put this on top of the Firming Serum, and together the products help to hydrate my skin without being overly greasy and I love the subtle scent.  It is easily absorbed so it is easy to apply make-up straight after.  One of the key ingredients is hyaluronic acid which is amazing for keeping the skin firm and moist.

Beauty Elixir

This is super useful to re-do or set the make up.  You can spray it on after the rushing home from the office, and if you need to do a quick turn around to  head out the door again, you can spray this on to help re-apply fresh make up.  It has a minty smell mixed in with grape and oranges and other ingredients.  This is one of Caudalie’s cult products favoured by make-up artists and beauty addicts.  I definitely recommend having this as part of our make-up regime.  Very handy to spray on the face any time of the day.

Caudalie can be found at the Bin Sina Pharmacies in Dubai – locations include Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates to name a few.  It is also available in Supercare, Mediclinic, Al Gharhoud Mediclinic and Medilink (Arabian Ranches)