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My Faith | Raising my Children

My Personal Faith

I don’t know sometimes how I would get through my day without my faith.  Seven years ago I found God.  I found Him on and off and as my children have got older my personal relationship has become stronger.  As a mother, I found that I depended on Him more and more to get through my day.  As mothers, we have to constantly worry about schools, health, safety and the list is endless.  I would have driven myself crazy with anxiety and worry if not for my faith and the amazing Grace that God has given.  It is not that I don’t worry but I also rely on God to take care of the things that are pointless worries.

Pointless worries include worrying about how I will fund for my children’s university education when the oldest child is currently 5 years old; what friends they will keep; which teacher they will have next year; whether they will drink or smoke as teenagers.  Over time I have learnt to hand it all to God.  I do catch myself thinking about my worries and concerns but I can put it to the back of my mind and receive the peace that God is helping me take care of them.

My faith is also a personal relationship with God.  No rituals, no legalistic Bible bashing.  Just Him and me.  It’s different to what I knew growing up.  I now feel I get more peace and love from it.  It is not that I don’t face tribulations but now I can feel peace in the middle of a tornado.