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The Dirtiest Fruits & Vegetables | The revised Dirty Dozen list 2014

The EWG has now updated its list for 2014.  It creates a list every year by testing for the amount of pesticides that remain on a wide range of fruits and vegetables.  If you think that going 100% in your household is too expensive, you can just consider making changes with the top 12 dirtiest fruits and vegetables.

I really believe that it is so important not to flood our children’s systems with unnecessary chemicals  – especially the ones that are in our power as parents to avoid.  This frees up their little immune systems to heal and repair itself and to keep them as healthy as possible.

Topping the list yet again this year are the APPLES.  99 percent of them tested positive for at least 1 pesticide residue.  See the full list below – the higher up the list the higher the pesticide residue.  Click here to see the full list on the EWG Website.







Sweet Bell Peppers

Nectarines (Imported)


Cherry Tomatoes

Snap Peas (imported)