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From Jaipur with Love | Elizabeth Morrison

An old friend in Dubai recently quit her high-flying career to spend more time with her 2 little girls but her creative mind is still at play.  Now with her spare time she has created a beautiful company selling hand-crafted Dhurries from Rajasthan.   We bought 3 beautiful hand made pieces for our own house to brighten up various rooms.

Here is her story:

From Jaipur With Love, is a small company dedicated to sourcing the most beautifully hand crafted Dhurries from Rajasthan. The Dhurries we have sourced quite literally come “From Jaipur with Love”.

We chose Jaipur because it’s a city that has today and historically been dedicated to the pursuit of beauty. This pursuit of beauty dates back to when Jai Singh founded the city and became ruler in 1727. He dedicated his life to the development and betterment of the city and throughout the ages the subsequent Maharajas invited skilled artisans, artists and craftsmen to Jaipur to become pioneers in art and craft. Today Jaipur remains a major hub for the arts in India and indeed around the world.

Each or our Dhurries are hand loomed by skilled artisans and are made from 100% Indian cotton. The colours and designs are delightful, making them not only unique but also incredibly versatile.

Many of our clients not only use them as rugs but also as throws or indeed wall hangings. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can be used all around the house.

For more information about stockists in Dubai please contact Elizabeth Morrison at +971 50 624 8846 or email her at Elizabeth. Alda. Morrison@gmail.com