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Mood board | In the market for a new kitchen and trying to find inspiration | Fell in love with some of these Hacker designs

With 4 children and a dog, the current storage in our kitchen is busting at its seams.  We love to cook as a family and, as a result, our store cupboards are full of flour, chia seeds, goji berries, organic spelt pasta, spices, and kombu sticks, and when we travel we cannot help picking up special dry food items from all over the world.   It can be frustrating to cook when I can’t see where I have put anything in the kitchen.  It’s time to investigate the possibility of a new kitchen for this year or next year and it doesn’t hurt just to have Hacker on my wishlist right?

I have mummy friends who are extremely gifted in interior design, and whilst I know what I would like my house to look like, design isn’t my forte, and I do need the help of someone to bring my vision to life.  I am Asian, and practicality sometimes trumps design.  My husband on the other hand being Italian needs design over practicality.  We also need someone to blend both our needs diplomatically.  We have been going back and forth about the idea of re-doing our run down kitchen.  We have searched the shops, and some, whilst beautiful, were too expensive and others looked like overpriced Ikea hacks (there is nothing wrong with Ikea but value must match design).  Friends of ours designed their kitchen with Hacker and Miele appliances, and I had always assumed Hacker was out of our price range – that’s the myth.  Sitting with the Hacker team more recently, I soon realised that they had such a wide range of kitchen cupboards, appliances and finishing and can create design projects from AED100,000 to AED600,000.

One of my inspirational places to search for stunning kitchens has to be Pintrest, and here are some of the best ones I am putting together for a Hacker mood board.  Do I choose modern or traditional?  Open plan and closed kitchen? Island or peninsula?  Whilst I love more traditional designs that I find on Pintrest, they are not suited to Dubai properties.  My mood board here comprises only of Hacker fitted kitchens for Dubai properties for villas on the Palm, Dubai Marina apartments, villas in Umm Sequim and apartments on the Palm.

The one thing that has impressed me so far about the Hacker Dubai  is their organisation and efficiency – they don’t let down the Germans here.  Whilst other companies don’t always take you seriously as a client because it is just ‘a house’ and not a large commercial project, Hacker take everyone seriously from apartment kitchens to large homes in Emirates Hills.   Hacker, so far, never let me feel rushed.  Their in-house designer, Leigh-Ann Steele, is inspiring, full of amazing ideas, and they don’t try to push the most expensive items on you.  Note to self –  better start saving! #wishlist

For more information please visit Hacker.

You can also call them on +971 4 399 0425 to get an appointment with their amazing in-house designers.