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One&Only Reethi Rah | Maldives | Review No. 1 of 2

Travel to  One&Only Reethi Rah

We were looking for a short break away from Dubai.  Travelling with four children who are six years and below including our 10-month old baby, 4 nights and no extra help is a logistical challenge so to make things a little easier we chose a destination relatively close to Dubai.

We wanted quality time with the children with little stress, and we decided a manageable 4 hour flight from Dubai to Male, and a 40 minute boat ride was a trip we could survive.  The relatively short travel time from the capital of Male to Reethi Rah made the Island a winner as we didn’t want to get on a seaplane with a 10-month old baby.  After careful considerations, our preferred choice for travel with our young brood was to return to one of our favourite islands, One&Only Reethi Rah, an island famous for its beauty, service and its own A-list celebrity following.

One&Only Reethi Rah

Reethi Rah is the largest island in the Maldives, with the second part of the island built on reclaimed land when the One&Only group took it over 10 years ago.  The Island recently celebrated its 10th birthday, and it saw the departure of their last GM, but with a new decade saw the welcoming of a new General Manager, Jean-Luc Naret, a popular decision, and it is believed that he will bring fresh life and innovative ideas to the island.  Jean-Luc had been between 1990 – 1995 General Manager at the One&Only Le Saint Geran, and taken prominent roles with renown hotels in the world, and now has returned back to the One&Only’s group fold.

The Island is normally a sanctuary for my husband and me to escape to without the children, and this year we wanted to bring all four children to the island, and making the trip all about them. ie. no proper downtime, no lie-ins in the mornings but nevertheless we knew it would be fun.

Villas for families

We went in low season, which is more affordable for a family of 6, as our family combination requires two villas – which are currently not attached together (if you are a family of 4, one villa will be sufficient), and occasionally we did get caught out by the passing monsoons, but the children had fun with Mama in one villa and Papa in another villa running between the villas in the rain which is not a common phenomenon for us in Dubai.  The joint villas have one swimming pool, and the villas allocated to us were located on one of the quieter bays so the children could swim safely.  Rooms are well-kept and turn down service was great as we had managed to cover the room with sand during the day, and every morning our personal Butler would come to breakfast to give us the day’s briefing on the Island and to organise any wants or wishes.

Despite being low season, the resort was still busy creating a great atmosphere at meal times, and we still had to book our cabana on the beach everyday at ClubOne – an area of the island that we just loved where we spent the majority of our time.


The service is impeccable – ordering for 4 children is always a challenge as we prefer healthy options if organic options are not always available.  The children loved the food that they ordered as the menu is vast and the resort does go that extra mile to help us prepare foods to the children’s taste.  The benefit of choosing Reethi Rah is the large island can afford to have more expansive room service menus and restaurants including their own Japanese restaurant Tapasake with private teppanyaki tables, an organic Chef’s Garden Restaurant, an outdoor pizza oven are just to name a few, and more importantly, a well-planned children’s menu including blended receipes for toddlers that mums can put together according to their choice and a kids’ corner for breakfast.  To my delight there was also some organic offering on the children’s menu.  Jean-Luc, the new GM previously held a role as Directeur General for the Michelin Guides Worldwide so we will be expecting even more exciting food offerings in the months to come.

Our favourite restaurant would be main dining for breakfast, lunch on the beach at Club One, followed by dinner in the Chef’s Garden, a locally and organically produced menu that is just delightful.

Check out our post on Reethi Rah about activities on the Island and what the children got up to.

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