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Creating Memories | Barefoot Dubai Photography Photoshoot – a shoot with Alex Jeffries

I love photography.  I just wish I had more time to capture every moment of my children’s life.  I really believe it is important to organise regular photoshoots to capture the moment, the age and the memory of the family during that period of time because every stage is different.  These days, most of our images ‘die’ on the iPhone – they are never printed, never placed into albums. It makes wonder what I would show my grandchildren and on what format.  Would I scroll through Facebook memories or my iCloud?  For me, I still prefer traditional photos albums because there is something so lovely about sitting around with the different generations of family laughing and reminiscing over old family photos.  It is one of my top priorities to get professional shoots done every so often to have a memories and keepsakes as the days and months rush past.

The world of social media has blasted into the world with many so-called photographers but very few truly have the skills and talent to call themselves professional.  Some clients may not see the difference between a good photographer or a great one but I do.  For me, one of the leading photographers in Dubai is Alex Jeffries, owner of Barefoot Dubai Photography, who captured moments with my family in such a unique way.

As well as beautiful photos, Barefoot Dubai Photography also offers a sleek service that is efficient and professional, and expectations are properly managed. Preparing your children for a photoshoot is tough enough and you need the photography team to deliver as children have also a limited concentration span, and won’t perform as we want.  Alex and his team were extremely patient with the children and he exceeded my expectations capturing some moments that I will always treasure as a mother and wife.

To read more about Alex Jeffries, click on the link.

To find out more or to book a photoshoot with Barefoot Photography www.barefootdubai.com