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Mums@Work officially launches in the UAE giving mums the opportunity to revitalise their careers and connect with employers across the region

It’s not that we don’t love our children but some of us have to work, and others want to work.  It is a pretty high statistic that so many mums want to do some form of work.  I have always felt that through the blog there was an untapped source of talent among the mummy pool in the UAE and it was one of my reasons to launch this blog as a showcase for many talented women who also happen to be mums.  Many are ex-lawyers for large cooperations, doctors, bankers but who gave up their jobs to move to Dubai.  The brain capacity is still there, and they want to use it.  I have always thought to start a company like this but didn’t have the know how so I am glad that Louise Karim and David Mackenzie created Mums@Work to give mum better options for their future stay in the UAE.

On average 77% of mothers in the UAE who have taken time out from their careers to have children, are keen to get back to work according to a recent survey conducted by Mums@Work in association with YouGov.

Interestingly when focusing on mothers aged between 30-39 years old, this statistic increased to 88% of mothers who had either returned or were eager to get back to work.  It also revealed that 49% of mums looking to return to work would only do so if there were flexible or part time working options available.

The biggest barrier for mums returning to the workplace was flexibility, with more than 38% of women claiming that they couldn’t juggle family and workplace commitments.

According to the research carried out by Mums@Work, the number one driver for mums returning to work was financial stability, with 19% returning for the independence that comes with employment.

Backed by one of the largest independent recruitment firms in the GCC – Mackenzie Jones, Mums@Work is the first company of its kind in the Middle East, focused on helping mums to revitalise their careers and guiding them to the jobs they want. Tapping into the wealth of talent and connecting mums with potential employers who are looking to fill full-time and part-time roles.

Louise Karim, Managing Director of Mums@Work commented on the launch: “The findings are extremely interesting and further strengthen our commitment to providing a platform that gives the 77% of mothers across the UAE the opportunities that they are looking for. Mums@Work brings a solution that so many mothers, not to mention employers, are crying out for.

In a market like the UAE it is great to see how many senior positions women and more to the point, women with children, hold. There is a wealth of women in this market who have taken time off to raise their children and after either a short or extended break, are not sure of the best route back to their chosen profession; that also suits their family. This research shows the sheer volume of women looking to return to work after having children and the key driver of this being financial stability.

“Mums@Work is here to help. We are not only  connecting candidates and clients – we go way beyond this. We are here to guide, mentor and ensure that these women have the skills and confidence they need to get the jobs they want. We also want to make sure that they have the choices and right working hours to suit their families. Gone are the days when women have to choose between and family and their careers.”

David Mackenzie, Founder at Mums@Work added: “To me it is madness that we didn’t come up with the Mums@Work concept years ago, and the research findings further highlight the need for such a service in today’s climate. There is such a huge wealth of talent in the form of women who have had successful careers and have chosen to dedicate time to their families.  Our experience in the market backed by research has shown us that often after the first few years, once children start nursery/school, mothers are looking for opportunities to revitalise their careers and get back into the workplace, but with hours to suit them. There are also an increasing number of employers looking for highly skilled employees who are flexible in their work patterns.

“Inline with the UAE’s commitment to gender equality and diversity, as outlined by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Mums@Work offers the perfect solution; an answer to the war on talent, while bringing significant savings to employers – who can hire employees on a part-time, as opposed to full-time basis. Everyone wins and we see an influx of talent to the job market.”

Those looking to register their interest, whether as a candidate or client can visit: www.mumsatwork.ae