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Next on the bucket list | Soneva Fushi | The Children’s Den | Maldives

My husband and I are planning our travels for 2016 and 2017, and one island in the Maldives on our bucket list is Soneva Fushi.  If you love the Maldives and beach holidays, this island is a luxury must for all.  Previously, the island was a well-known place for honeymooners but this year has seen the launch of its new unique children’s playground, and with our four kids my husband and I are keen to go.  We just need to figure out our holiday budget to squeeze it in this year but I have heard that this resort is really worth a visit.

Soneva Fushi | Maldives

In 1995, award-winning luxury resort Soneva Fushi set the standard for all desert island barefoot luxury hideaways in the Maldives. It has a pristine Biosphere UNESCO protected reef and is known for its legendary service.

Fifty-seven private villas with their own stretch of beach are hidden among dense foliage within touching distance of a pristine coral reef.

Highlights include the open-air Cinema Paradiso, counting Saturn’s rings in the high-tech Observatory, the home-made chocolate and ice cream rooms, five hundred wines to choose from and nine dining options

The Children’s Den

The Den is unlike any other children’s facility in any luxury resort. It has been conceptualised and designed as an imaginative playground for the family with many inspiring, fun activities especially created for children ranging in age from four to those in their teens.

Some of the features of the facility include a 14-metre tunnel clad in roots and branches with hidden surprises, an eight-metre high pirate ship, a DJ corner (where children can become the resident DJ for the Den’s pool parties), a Mocktail Bar, a kitchen for cooking classes, a Lego room with the latest Lego sets and a display area for kids to show off their creations, a music room with a variety of instruments, and a teenage lounge. Furthermore, children can skip on musical piano keys built into the floor to create their own musical melodies.

Recent anecdotal and industry intelligence indicates that a desire to spend quality time with the family is a major factor influencing holiday options, with children being the driving force not just behind their parents’ choice of vacation destinations but also their hotel booking choices. Multi-generational travel is also another segment with rapid and sustained growth.

The Den is the most elaborate children’s facility of any luxury hotel in the world,” said Sonu Shivdasani, Chairman and CEO of Soneva Resorts. “We have spared no effort or expense in making sure that this is a truly spectacular children’s adventure-land and a source of inspiration for our youngest Soneva guests. Our goal was to create a space where families, parents and children could bond and spend some quality time together.”

Other features of the Den include two pools (one for toddlers and one for all other children), a library and cinema room, plus a dress and make-up room provide additional fun for Soneva’s youngest guests.

With busy executives being time poor, there is an increasingly strong desire for quality family time, especially on vacations. Plus, ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn and experience new things are factors that parents consider very carefully when making booking decisions for family holidays,” Shivdasani concluded.

For more information visit www.soneva.com