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MoochicBaby | A labour of love for your children | Hand printed pyjamas, blankets and muslins

Dubai:  I was walking through Ripe Market a few weeks ago and stumbled on these beautiful hand block printed pyjamas and blankets and muslins, and my broody side just took over.  Meet Yuva, the creator of MoochicBaby, with her beautiful and unique baby items that are just the best baby shower gifts.  I also love the pyjamas that I bought for Luca and Sofia.  Yuva has just landed in Dubai, and I think her brand will be very popular indeed.

The first 5 purchasers to quote Seashells for their purchase will receive a free penguin muslin from MoochicBaby.

This is her story…

Can you tell us about your daughters?  How old are your daughters and which school are they attending and why did you choose this school in particular?

Daughters & school – I have 2 little girls, my 4.5 year old starts at DESS this year, in September; we looked at a few schools around Dubai and after seeing private schools in London which tend to be smallish 150 year old buildings we were a bit overwhelmed by the glitzy Dubai schools with 3 swimming pools and 15 different buildings – DESS was like coming home ! It has a great community and we’re very excited about being a part of that family. Dania, my 9 month old, was born in Dubai, we moved here when I was 34 weeks pregnant and she has imbibed the laid back Dubai culture 100% its wonderful to experience motherhood in Dubai, there is a wealth of support here for mums and I have enjoyed becoming a part of the Mummy community here.

Your husband and you recently moved from London.  Can you tell us why you made the decision to move here?

We went to Sydney for a year in 2012, my husband was invited to do a fellowship at Sydney Eye Hospital and we thought it would be a great way to give my two babies, Ahana and Moochic an outing to the southern hemisphere J We gained so much in Sydney, made a ton of friends and conceived Dania ! When we were leaving, an opportunity to work at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, presented itself and we embraced it. We have a few more years of travel and adventure left before schools and careers beckon, what better place than Dubai.

Are you enjoying it so far?….

Dubai wasn’t a soft landing, I was pregnant, we didn’t know anyone and finding an apartment was a scary experience ! But people are so friendly, and there is plenty of help available if you dig a little. We finally chose an apartment in Downtown Dubai and I cannot get enough of the view. The skyline with the Burj Khalifa is spectacular and truly represents the essence of Dubai – anything is possible here!

Can you tell us about Moochicbaby?  How did it come about?

MoochicBaby is a labour of love, my business partner and I were just mums on maternity leave from our city jobs in London when we discovered a gap in the market for 100% cotton products for children that were original in design. Block Printing is an age old craft in India and we use the technique exclusively to create our products. The business has grown from the two of us sitting at a kitchen table, to us now selling in Europe, Australia, Singapore – as you can imagine we’re keen to add Dubai to that list ! Our products are 100% cotton, including the filling of the quilts, they are hand printed, our dyes are tested in the UK for non toxicity and all our products are machine washable on a delicate cycle.

Where can we buy Moochicbaby from?

We are soon to sell through Little Majlis, however until that kicks off, our products can be viewed on www.moochicbaby.com and you can email your orders to me at yuva.raegurbaxani@moochicbaby.com