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If my 3 year old daughter would let me pick her clothes….

I don’t know about you but dressing my 3 year old girl is usually a struggle except on nursery days when she has a uniform (thank goodness!).  On most days she wins – I don’t have the energy to fight or perhaps there are some more important battles to save my strength for.  When we went skiing last Christmas, it took me 15 minutes to dress my two boys in their full winter gear.  I took 45 minutes to put on her full winter kit (it was pink, mind you) yelling and screaming that everything had to be pink and not ‘scatchy’ (in other words, no woollen jumpers).

In my fantasy world, I have collected some outfits I can only dream of getting my daughter to wear.  I do love the whimsical, preppy look, and once in a while my sweet Sofia will indulge me.  I have to remember she is not my doll but she is her own little person with a very strong personality.  Can anyone explain to me where pink and sparkles came from that most little girls are just magnetically drawn to?  What did little girls choose before pink and sparkles were invented?