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Keeping track of your kids | New innovative technology

For me, having 4 children running around the malls of Dubai or the high streets of London can be overwhelming.  If you are in the malls this long weekend you may need this new innovation to keep track of the children in the crowds.

My Buddy Tag, named one of the Most Innovated Products 2014, is now available in Dubai that uses Blue Tooth technology to keep track of your kids, and if your children move a certain distance away, the phone sends out a notification message.  The great thing is that each wrist band can link to up to six devices. (this includes iphone and android)

I love the colours of the wristbands – they are bright and vibrant.    The range of the bluetooth is between 80 to 120 feet, and parents can customise this to suit their environment.  I think it is a great idea if you are taking a few children out (playdates) to the mall or if you are going on holiday to an unfamiliar city.

Each tag costs AED179, and is available from Big On Children which has its first flagship store in the Middle East located in Dubai Mall between Kidzania and Sega Republic.

For more details visit www.bigonchildren.com