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Homemade Beauty Treatments for Mother’s Day

Too busy for a spa on Mother’s Day?  

Sometimes, I am too tired to get in the car to drive to a spa.  I just want to be in my pyjamas especially after a long day with the kids and work.  I love doing, on occasion, chemical free treatments to my skin – there are some who say that you should only put on your skin what you would eat.  Here are some of my time out treats that you can usually find in the store cupboard and fridge.

Face – Honey and Lime scrub.

Massage some runny honey – with a squeeze of lime for astringent purposes or some ground oatmeal if you like a coarser texture – into damp skin for 15 minutes.  Rinse your face with warm water to leave it feeling soft and peeled.

Body – Almond oil moisturiser or massage

Buy some almond oil from the supermarket and rub it all over your body.  This lightly scented nutty oil is suitable for pregnant mums to rub on your tummy.  It is rich in proteins and vitamins and is nourishing, light and softening for dry hands, eczema and irritated skin.  It is a good lubricant, so blends well with other oils as as excellent massage base.

Face – Honey and Cucumber Facial

To scrub use 1 cup of runny honey and 10 drops of fresh lime juice to lightly exfoliate the skin.  Leave for 15 minutes.  Use a warm towel to wipe it off.  Then place thinly slices of cucumber patches all over the face and neck, including the eyes.  They cucumber slices will feel cool while they tighten the skin and replenish moisture.  Use a light moisturiser if needed.

Egg White Mask

This can help with lacklustre complexion and you only need 1 egg.  Take the egg white, beat the egg for 1 minute.  Gently apply to the skin and let it harden.  Wash off with warm water.  The egg white draws toxins from the skin’s surface and tightens the pores as it cleans.