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Travel this summer | Top tip for travelling with your little ones this summer | Advice from Palmer’s leading Pediatrician

Palmers have a great wide range of affordable creams and shower products for children and mothers-to-be.  One of our favourites is their Tummy Butter stretch mark prevention for pregnant women –  we like also the fact that Palmers products are free from parabens and phthalate.

With the summer time rapidly approaching and many mums looking forward to escaping the scorching temperatures, Palmers Mother & Baby brings you their top tips on how to stay cool, calm and collected no matter how stressful the situation may be.  From frantic packing to tantrums in the aisles, here’s some advice from Palmer’s leading Pediatrician Dr.Rajul Shailesh Matkar:

Plan for every eventuality. Always make sure you think of every possible scenario you may find yourself in and pack accordingly.

If you are flying with small children always take enough changes of clothes, nappies, bibs and milk to get you through the flight.  Our advice would be to always take one more of everything just to be on the safe side!  Also don’t be embarrassed to ask for help – that is what the stewards are there for.

Always carry medicine. As a parent you just never know when that pesky sore throat will hit or the latest tooth make an appearance, so always have essential medicinal items to hand.  From a thermometer and plasters, through to antiseptic cream and Calpol – don’t get caught short.

Hydration is key, even if you are heading to a cooler climate. Always make sure that you have water on hand and make a conscious effort to encourage your children to stay hydrated.

For those with younger children, lots of travelling, especially in the heat can often lead to nappy rash and sore bottoms. Try to let your children go nappy free when possible and ensure you use a nice, natural nappy cream to keep them bums moisturised and rash free.

Keep the germs at bay.  While I don’t recommend wrapping your children up in cotton wool, it is also advisable to take some precautions, especially when you are in a foreign country.  From hand wipes, gel sanitisers, through to liquid/tablet sanitising solutions, always have them with you just incase.

Keep them entertained!  As we know children get bored very easily and often need to be entertained.  Make sure you have lots of tricks up your sleeve to keep boredom at bay – as this is when the tantrums tend to strike.

For those of you travelling to warm climates, sun protection must be your number one priority.  You should always use water-proof sunscreens with factor 50+ protect and ensure you are putting on at least 30 minutes before the go into the sun and keep it topped up throughout the day.  Avoid the midday sun and ensure your children have hats that keep their necks covered and swim suits that protect their shoulders.

After the sun make sure you keep their skin moisturised to avoid damage to the sun or any irritations.

Never assume you’ll be able to find the things you need on your travels!  If you are fussy about the food, nappies and milk brands for your children then make sure you take the key items with you, incase the brands are not stocked locally.

Pack ahead – never leave this to the last minute even if you are only heading out for a day trip – trying to concentrate on packing everything you will need for your family can be challenging when left to the last minute!