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Dubai’s new craze | The best workout for mums | NYLA Method from USA

NYLA Method  was brought to Dubai by Andrea deBellis – one of the original founders of Barrecorre on the King’s Road, London.  Lizzie Johnstone, mum of two based in Abu Dhabi, is now very much involved with the NYLA Method business with Andrea.  I wanted to share Lizzie’s story on NYLA Method after Lizzie recommended me to try their prenatal personal training (more on the blog soon about that), and I agree with Lizzie – the NYLA Method team must one of the best types of exercises in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the moment.  It must be very special too especially when the Harpers Baazar and Emirates Women teams have been spotted (via instragram) at the beautcamp every morning – it’s a 630am start.  Hardcore.

Can you tell us about the NYLA Method?

THE NYLA METHOD is the US Barre workout craze, revamped and refined. It is a fun and dynamic 60 minute workout that targets women’s problem areas, tones every muscle group and boosts metabolism to enable sustainable weight loss. The NYLA Method incorporates concepts from barre fitness, yoga, pilates and cardio to shape and lengthen the body in just under an hour.

Why is it a good exercise/technique for mums to choose?

Mums are very short on time!  This workout is tough but all done in 60 minutes, and it gets results in all the problem areas and fast.   If you are prepared to give up 3 hours per week to a NYLA Class, you will see a change within 2 weeks, and it will knock any other class you do out of the park. Furthermore, the NYLA Method focuses a lot on your core and thus really helps suck your tummy in after pregnancy.

The amazing NYLA Instructors, specifically recruited from the US and Australia to be a part of NYLA, will push you to your limits to help you achieve the best results – and will keep you smiling throughout the process!  They are all so knowledgeable and it is not just a class – they will talk with you about your problem areas and help you work out a plan to improve them.

Why did you choose to get involved with the brand?

I have lived and worked in the UAE for a total of 8 years, with 6 in Abu Dhabi, and have had 2 children since moving here.  I have tried many excercise classes here and never been totally satisfied by any of them.

I’ve been involved in some capacity with NYLA for a long time, and although was previously an account director for an exciting branding agency, when I was asked to get involved on a more permanent basis in helping to launch NYLA – it was an opportunity that I could not refuse.  Andrea DeBellis, our founder, is inspiring and has built an amazing reputation with her knowledge, experience, and ambition.

With my knowledge of the UAE and experience in new business start ups and project management, I am able to help shape the brand to provide something new and exciting with many different levels to not just Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but to the region.

We know that you are a mum to two beautiful boys.  How has it made a difference to your mummy physique after the training?

I struggled with my weight after having both boys, as I found it difficult to find the time to exercise with kids, a busy job, life… and a husband.  The NYLA Method works. FACT.  It has lifted, tightened, squeezed and toned all my problem areas and has made me feel so much more confident in my own skin.  Personally, I saw a difference in 2 weeks, and dropped a dress size within 4 weeks.

How many times a week do you train with the NYLA Method team?

I train with the team 3 times per week – and more if I can fit it in.  I’m totally hooked – and that’s coming from someone who would usually prefer a comfy sofa and a chocolate biscuit!

Were you always into health and nutrition?  What sparked the interest?

I have always been into food!  The health and nutrition part has come in my 30s since having children and realizing that I have the odd extra wrinkle!  I’m passionate about good food and it is so easy in the UAE to eat too much, and of the wrong things.  I’ve tried every diet in the book.  Nothing compares to eating a balanced healthy diet full of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, coupled with regular focused exercise.  I feel better, have more energy and look a much more improved version of myself…  Hand on heart I look so much better approaching 35 than I ever did in my 20s.

NYLA Method Classes are held at Emirates Golf Club Dubai, Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat, and we are shortly to announce classes at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi. 

Why not kick start your bikini body by trying our Beautcamp at The Fairmont, the palm – 5days a week.  Also watch this space to hear about their new fabulous NYLA Studio to open in Dubai!

They also offer private and small group classes in house or in studio.

All their Classes are LADIES ONLY.

See http://www.nylamethod.com or email info@nylamethod.com for more information.