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Health | Pure Pilate Brings LA-Based, First Generation Master Pilates Teacher, Jay Grimes, to Dubai

This year, has been about me – not in a selfish way but I realise more and more that I need to up the self-care in my schedule. I have always been a huge fan of pilates – I think it is important for us mothers to stay fit and to keep our core strong. I had a terrible back for several years because of the 4 children, and would take a voltaren a day for almost a year just after baby number 4.  I had previously done pilates and knew the benefits and would recommend it to mums.  However, for the first 8 months after delivering my fourth child, my attempts at exercise were futile. I just didn’t have time or the energy to look after myself.  Then,  I just couldn’t cope with the pain anymore and I committed to a year of physiotherapy with pilates at Up and Running, and I am feeling great again. I saw the great news that PURE Pilates, a Pilates studio in is bringing LA based, Jay Grimes, a First Generation Master Pilates teacher to Dubai.  If you are curious about pilates it is really worth a try but always make sure your teachers are properly qualified.  Although I have never been to Pure Pilates I am definitely keen to try a lesson with Jay Grimes.

Jay Grimes

This is Jay’s first visit to Dubai and bringing him to the region is part of PURE Pilates commitment to spreading the original work of Joseph Pilates. Jay is one of the few people in the world who worked with Joseph and Clara Pilates in their studio, will be coming to Dubai to host the global Vintage Pilates Teachers Spring Camp and private classes.

Jay Grimes began his studies with Joe Pilates in the mid-sixties, and after Joe’s death continued with Joe’s wife, Clara, for another 10 years until her death. Jay began teaching in the original 8th Ave studio in New York and has since taught all over the world. Jay danced professionally, ballet and Broadway for 18 years, and never had an injury. This he attributes entirely to Pilates. Jay is valued in the Pilates community for his experience, humility and integrity in maintaining the work of Joe Pilates.

Coming to Dubai with Jay is Sandy Shimoda, who has been teaching movement since the 1980’s and was introduced to Pilates in 1994. She has been a private student of Jay Grimes since 2004, and opened her renowned LA based studio, Vintage Pilates with the hope of providing a place for students to access the wealth of understanding that Jay has to offer.

Jay and Sandy will teach a combined seven workshops, and offer private lessons and VP Group classes.  Classes can be booked directly with PURE Pilates.  VP Group Classes are group lessons, done the way Joe Pilates taught them. They are small classes (up to six people) where practitioners work on their own, individualized series of exercises, under the guidance of a Vintage Pilates instructor. Focus on flowing through your movements, gain independence and take control of your workout.

PURE Pilates

PURE Pilates is owned by Susanna Foustok, who in 2013, was accepted to study under Jay Grimes at his studio, Vintage Pilates.  She completed their intensive Masters Programme – ‘The Work’, in 2014 and was one of the small group of people that Jay selected personally to continue the apprenticeship in 2015-2016.  There are only 22 people in the world who have completed the two-year mentorship and Susanna is the only person in the UAE with this training.

For full details on the timetable and group class schedule, please visit: