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Snapper Rock | Dubai | Our family’s choice for this summer’s swimwear.

Snapper Rock is available from Babysouk.com and until 1 July 2015, SOTP readers can get 15% off Snapper Rock swimwear. Code: #loveseashells

I can’t believe that summer is here on our doorsteps, and we are still scrambling to organise our holiday.  In the meantime, I have already started buying some holiday clothes for the children, and one of our new favourites has to be the bright and colourful range of UV50+ swimwear for children blocking 98% of all harmful rays designed in New Zealand .

Why we are choosing Snapper Rock?

As parents, you will be pleased to know that there are no chemicals or treatments added to the fabric to provide the rating.  What makes them UPF approved are the following:

1) Density of the weave or knit of the fabric – the denser the fabric the less UV it lets in.

2) Type of fibre – nylon and elastane which their swimwear is made of disrupts a lot of UV light, whilst fabrics such as cotton doesn’t block much UV light.

3) The darker the garment – with darker fabric more UV lights are blocked in general.

4) Stretch and wetness also affects the fabric so when fabric is stretched more UV light comes in.

This UV50+ has actually been approved by the Australian Government.

To purchase Snapper Rock go to www.babysouk.com and don’t forget to get your 15% off by quoting #loveseashells.  Valid until 1 July 2015.