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Disney World | Orlando | Best rides and experiences for children 7 years and under

The amazing thing about Disney is that there is something for every age group.  If the majority of your children are 7 years and under, it is really worth taking time to plan your trip.  It can be overwhelming and reservations are opened 180 days in advance and fast pass have to be obtained 30 – 60 days before your trip. Click here for more information

However, also with young children, just enjoy it and soak it all in.  It is impossible to do every ride and cover everything.  It then becomes overwhelming for them as well as parents.  Here are our favourite rides and experiences for children to try.

#10 Pirates of the Caribbean | Magic Kingdom

This was the last ride that Walt Disney himself created, hence it has a sentimental value attached to it as it opened three-months before his death  Originally, Walt Disney wanted to create a wax museum for Jack Sparrow and his fellow pirates but after the success of It’s a Small World boat ride, Walt Disney decided to create a similar boat ride for his wax museum.

#9 It’s a Small World | Magic Kingdom

You cannot come to Disney without experiencing the most famous ride of all.  The music and lyrics have been stuck in my hand all my life.  It is a whimsical boat ride past children from all over the world.

#8 Peter Pan’s Flight | Magic Kingdom

The children will enjoy riding on a colourful pirate ship, and they will fly over Big Ben, London Bridge and all the beautiful scenery that Peter and Wendy flew over in the 1953 classic film.  Both adults and children know the story so well that it is an utter delight.

#7 Spaceship Earth | Epcot

Remember the big golf ball shaped sphere at Epcot?  This is the Spaceship Earth experience.  It is a trip through time looking at the different forms of communication with Dame Judi Dench providing the narration.  After, it is lovely to walk with the children around the lake to visit the different ‘countries’, and all cast members are from their own genuine countries to give the experience some authenticity.

#6 Toy Story Mania | Magic Kingdom

This is such a fun ride for adults and children as you aim to shoot targets to score the highest points whilst on the ride.  You will be swung around in your little car, two riders facing one way and two riders facing the other way.  Scores are added up and winners take it all. For Toy Story fans click here to find out more about summer 2018 at Disney World.

#5 Kilimanjaro Safari | Animal Kingdom

Great fun for children to head off on a mini safari ride through Animal Kingdom grounds.  They can spot the new born baby hippo that arrived in January 2018, elephants, lions, giraffes and much more on the experience.

#4 Dumbo | Magic Kingdom

This is a great ride to save when the whole family is exhausted of queueing as they are technically ‘no-queues.’  The family will arrive at the ride and be taken into the waiting area which is a wonderful play area for parents to sit and relax whilst the children hit the climbing frames.  It is a great escape from the heat and rest point.  Each family will be given a beeper on arrival, and when it is your turn to ride, the beeper will notify you.  Very civilised.

#3 Frozen Sing Along | Hollywood Studios & Frozen Ever After | Epcot

These are two different experiences, and totally mind-blowing for Frozen fans.  Expect long queues for the Frozen Ever After ride as you enter ride through the enchanted world of Arendelle, and visit Elsa’s palace.  Then, don’t forget to head to Hollywood Studios for a 30-minute sing along with Anna and Elsa.

#2 Enchanted Tales with Belle

Enter the world of Belle as the children may be lucky enough to be invited to perform in the Beast’s library.  Enter through, Maurice’s cottage and workshop, and be transported into the Beast’s library.  It is such a lovely experience for children who adore Disney princesses to meet Belle in a small and intimate setting.

#1 Na’vi River | Animal Kingdom

Launched in 2017, the attraction takes the children on a journey through the World of Avatar through the Na’vi River.  It is a dark ride with incredible visual effects as it showcases the native animals and bioluminescent flora.  The Flight of Passage along with the Na’vi River are currently some of the most popular rides.

Top 10 Rides for Children 8 years and above

Coming soon this summer 2018 at Disney World Florida.