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New Family Brunch | Manzil Downtown’s Boulevard Kitchen | Thumbs up.

Having 4 children means that I rarely try anything new that doesn’t involve a play centre or some children centric activity.  Last weekend, we broke our usual parenting pattern and took the children for a grown up and civilised Levant-style family brunch at the Manzil Downtown’s Boulevard Kitchen.


The Boulevard Kitchen’s Friday brunch philosophy is the family that dines together, stays together, and I couldn’t agree more.  The weather is perfect for the indoor and outdoor restaurant, and we were seated indoor next to the children’s entertainment which was convenient.  The little arts and craft corner had colouring charts from Melissa and Doug, hosted by a super creative graphic designer mum of two from Lebanon who showed the kids new ways to craft.  For adults, there are beautiful Henna designs so perfect if you are bringing friends and family visiting out for lunch to have Arabic cuisine mixed with traditional Henna artwork on their hands.

Kids Food

The quality of the cuisine was varied that my kids barely ate anything from the actual kids menu which contained more healthy options too.  My children had arabic bread with hummus, lentil soup, lamb chops, as well as their macaroni cheese, ‘home-made’ chicken and chips, and spaghetti bolognaise.  The kids gave the venue a thumbs up, and what sold it was the choice of food as well as the craft morning from someone with real experience to craft with kids.


Surprisingly the lunch was full with quite a few families testing out the new brunch that is surprisingly affordable.  My family of 6 would have paid AED485 as we opted for the non-alcoholic brunch.


AED 295 (includes a delectable buffet, house beverages, and a hubbly bubbly)

AED195 (includes a delectable buffet, soft drinks, juices and a hubbly bubbly)

AED95 (children aged between 6 – 12 years old)

Children below the age of 5 dine with their compliments.