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Caramel and Sun | Coffee with Olivia Corsi | A trip down memory lane, a sweet boutique for children

Olivia Corsi is the creator of the sweet little shop in the Mercato Mall, Caramel & Sun, a showcase of great items to purchase for boys, girls and babies under the age of 7 years.  If you are stuck this Christmas before the weekend, it is worthwhile to pick up a few gems from Olivia’s store.  We sit down with Olivia who is from Paris who moved to Dubai back in October 2007, and gave birth to her two beautiful daughters here. The items displayed in her shop do give a modern update on toys we, as mums, grew up with.  For me, it is the sweet lifestyle displays, full of memories of my childhood mixed with that of my children that appeals to me.

What inspired you to start Caramel and Sun?

I used to be a marketing manager for a luxury group and I’m a mum of two little girls. I was lucky to be brought up in a creative environment that developed my passion for design. In 2013, when Stella was born, I realized that I would be unable to recreate for her the same kind of inspiring universe that my mum had created for me as a child that would allow her to develop her personality and creativity. I was unable to find the products I was craving here. There was a definite lack of trendy, contemporary, unique children’s furniture.

It is great that 80% of your products comes in internationally to give us mums more choice, whilst 20% comes from locally created products to support business here too? Can you tell us more about your 5 favorite products that you import and why?

#Pineapple light from Goodnight LightLight is important to consider to help your kids to fall asleep and calm them down. It reassures them! Try to create a soft atmosphere with a night light. The soft glow kept them company amidst fears of monsters in the closet! Nightlights aren’t just for kids either, new moms need a little help getting to baby in a darkened room and can help provide a little soothing glow during late night feedings.

#Tepees from Nobodinoz – A little house to hide, play Indians vs cowboys, take a rest or read a book. Of realistic dimensions, this teepee can shelter up three children. Unique touch of color that makes it join perfectly all the types of rooms.

#Skateboard shelves from Lecons de Choses – they are simply the most creative shelve for a kid’s room

#Animal trophy from Cardboard Safari – it gives such a great twist to your kid’s room and even for your living room!

#Desk and chair from Les Gambettes – it remains me my childhood with all this furniture in Formica

#And one more! cabinet from This is Dutch – fresh, colorful and trendy cabinet for babies. You won’t see them anywhere else!

Christmas is just around the corner; can you tell us which 5 items would be great for children between 3 – 5 years old?

#Sonny Angels figurines

#Pencils from Studio Skinky

#Lights from La Tete dans le Bocal – La Tête dans le Bocalis a very young kids interior design brand. It’s how to preserve the toys of your kid’s childhood in a beautiful way. So they put them into a “Le Parfait” jar, that is itself customized with a socket and a lovely electrical cord, and made a fun and original lamp that we just love!

#From the OMYgiant coloring set to the OMY educational toys, all items of kid’s room decoration or children’s toys will transform your kid’s bedroom into a great place to experiment.

#Nobodinoz Bowling set

Which are your children’s 3 favourite play areas?

I love to have a stroll at The Beach JBR; my husband being half Greek, we love to stop at Eat Greek for a frappe – or a day at Kite surf beach with a cheeky burger at Salt for lunch! We discovered few weeks ago they now have a bounce area for kids. Leaving in the Lakes, we hang out most of the time at the Reform and Lakes Club during the weekend where we can have a family dip in the pool and enjoy a nice meal

Is there something that you are very strict about when it comes to your children?

Teaching them how to say thank you and be grateful. A simple smile can open you so many doors in life!

 Can you list your children’s three favourite bedtime stories?

While my husband is teaching the girls English, I am the one speaking French at home. Stella loves Tchoupi, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and of course Peppa Pig!

I am personally the Walt Disney generation and I made discover Stella few weeks ago Bambi which was my favourite!

Your favourite idea of a date night?

I am afraid I won’t be very original but I must say I simply LOVE La petite Maison

For more information check out www.caramelandsun.com  located in Mercato Mall in Jumeirah Beach Road.