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Travel | Phuket, Thailand | Indigo Pearl Luxury Resort | Review 2 of 3 | Resort Facilities

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Swimming Pools

There are 3 swimmings pools but if you come with children you essentially have 1 swimming pool. The other 2 adult only pools are beautiful, with infinity features, accepting children 14 years and above and one of them has a unique feature with a bar set in the middle for an afternoon tipple.

Beach Club

Our favourite hideout was the mini but gorgeous beach club set across the road from the beach.  Phuket, unfortunately in the last 30 years has seen some of its natural beauty ebb away with the hordes of tourists that come every year, and the lack of continued public programs to keep the beaches clean but we agree that out of all the beaches in Phuket, Indigo Pearl has one of the most child-friendly beaches – it still has a wild and natural beauty to it. Normally hotels resorts in the other countries would keep their beaches clean but unfortunately, very few hotels in Phuket, are able to build on the beach are they are actually privately owned.  Sadly, most of them are not cared for but we were lucky to have this  quaint and sleepy village just on the parameter of the hotel on the beach with your typical massage parlours and seafood restaurants lining the sides of the hotel – if you dare try, a Thai massage will set you back AED50 at most and a meal on the beach with fresh fish or lobster from that day’s catch will cost AED350 for a family of 7.  The beach here is cleaner and more child friendly than other areas like Bang Tao beach (Banyan Tree, Outrigger).  The vast stretches of beaches means no other beach goer will get in your way and the waves are small enough for our 4 children to enjoy.

Organic garden

SOTP has also to mention that the resort has their own organic garden winning bonus points with our family but not quite large enough to sustain the size of the resort.  However, every little bit counts and they are moving in the right direction.  Sadly though, the resort has nothing organic on its menu.

Gym and activities

The resort also has a gym with all the latest technogym equipment with an array of classes like pilates.  A private pilates session is AED120 – a bargain compared to Dubai prices so naturally we tried the lesson which was fun.  In addition, the resort also has two tennis courts, bikes for rent, and adult-sized micro scooters for rent too.


The resort has a dive centre and a well-equipped kite surfing shop.  The beach is litters the beach with kite surfers braving the winds and the waves – making the beach look so tranquil and mesmerising.

The Kids Club

A  small and intimate facility with two Thai carers inside to mind the children, the place has enough to keep children occupied in the 20 minute monsoons that occur ever 3 to 4 hours during the rainy season.  The children could watch TV, play on the internet or take origami lessons to create little dogs and swans.  The facility was very clean and tidy but our children sadly declined to participate because they preferred to be with us.

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Indigo Pearl is a luxury resort located 10 minutes away from Phuket International Airport.  For more information go to www.indigo-pearl.com