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This month’s organic superfoods I am adding to the children’s food

#1 Goji berries

You can just throw a handful in stews and soups.  The children won’t even notice it but it adds a good amount of Vitamin C into the broth.  It has been used in Chinese receipes for hundreds of years.

#2 Cauliflower

Usually, I mash 50% of cauliflower with 50% of potato – a great way to disguise the cauliflower.  This can be thrown on top of a shepherds’ pie or just served with oven baked organic salmon or chicken.

#3 Chia Seeds

One of the latest (although Chia seeds have an ancient history) supercharged foods that is beneficial for the body and brain.  It is a great source of magnesium, calcium, phosphrous and many other nutrients.  I throw them into the children’s home made pesto sauce, or sprinkle it onto salads.

#4 Chickpeas

The only way I can get the children to eat chickpeas is to make homemade hummus by blending it with lemon, garlic, tahini and olive oil.  Or if I am brave I blend it into their home made squash or carrot soup.

#5 Coconut oil

Most of my children’s food with the exception of pasta is cooked with coconut oil.  It is a  much healthier option with great health benefits for every part of the body.  My husband even takes a tablespoon of coconut oil as part of his morning ritual every day.