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Art Galleries Dubai | Exposure

Image: Untitled, Hasan Hazer Moshar

I think art is an education itself.  I never understood it much as a kid.  However, my school taught me a lot about it.  They taught me simple rules that you don’t have to like it to appreciate it.  There is always something for everyone.  If you have older children or kids in their teenage years, I think a one on one trip to a gallery in Dubai is always lovely.  We are lucky to see incredible art that pass through the UAE from artists from all around the world because some of th犀利士
e world’s largest art collectors live in the Middle East.

If you are interested to take your children to see some exhibitions here are a few galleries to enjoy:

XVA Gallery Dubai April 19 – May 22 2014 Wild Garden

Salim Karami, Davood Koochaki, Hasan Hazer Moshar

Curated by Morteza Zahedi

Contact General Enquiries xva@xvagallery.com

Wild flowers are an unexpected delight in a garden. They are an unknown element without planning or horticultural cultivation. They peek up between flagstones surviving non-ideal conditions to thrive, regardless of the lack of attention by the gardener. Autodidact and self-taught artists, liberated from formal training, current styles and movements in contemporary art, resemble these wild flowers as they continue living their own artistic life. We envy the Outsider Artist, as they are called, their sagacity and creative spirit freed from the shackles of conformity.

XVA Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Outsider Art, curated by Iranian artist Morteza Zahedi, entitled Wild Ga rden. The aim of this exhibition is to introduce you to three genuine artists from Iran: Hasan Hazer Moshar, Salim Karami, and Davood Koochaki.

Showcase Gallery Dubai 21 April – 18 May 2014 My Univserse of Imaginary Creatures

A solo exhibition by Hadil Moufti

Contact: Info@showcasedubai.com

Join them at the gallery on Monday 21st between 5pm and 9pm to meet the artist.

This April, Showcase Gallery is pleased to present Saudi artist Hadil Moufti and her universe of imaginary creatures.

Having lived in many different countries, Moufti does not feel the belonging to one in particular and therefore recreates through her art a world of her own, between dreams and reality.  Moufti defines her creative process as experimental, mixing materials, textures, objects and applying them to large scale canvases with her hands.