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Koita gives back | Koita Organic Milk uses some profits to help underprivileged children.

Seashells On The Palm tries our best to support companies and individuals who give back in a big way whether with time or money, and we think it is important that these incredible individuals with big hearts be recognised and be given a platform to share how they are helping others. Given the recent plight of Syrian refugees highlighted by the tragic death of a three-year old boy, the world ashamedly realised how numb we have become to the suffering of families and children on our doorsteps and that we need to remember our humanity again.

Home grown Koita Organic Milk, a new and growing enterprise only launched in 2015, last month gave a total AED85,000 in Koita Organic Milk and cash to the local charity, Al-Ihsan Charity for Orphans and Needy Families, one of the few initiatives that they support.

The spirit of giving back is very much at the heart of the Koita ethos. ‘Living in Dubai, we all take for granted the great lifestyles we have,’ says 犀利士
koita-founder-and-owner-of-koita-organic-milk-dubai/”>Mustafa Yusuf Koita, Founder and Owner of Koita. ‘Unfortunately, there are many underprivileged families we don’t see and with our continued charity work we want them to be noticed and supported.  Giving back is part of the Koita company mandate, we are very proud to be helping the Al-Ihsan Charity.  We hope this initiative will also encourage others to give back to such a worthy and needed cause.’

Al-Ihsan is a not-for-profit organisation that has been operating in the UAE since 1990, providing financial aid and health assistance and undertaking rehabilitation projects for families in need in the UAE.  For example approximately 12,000 orphans and needy families are given free medical attention via Al-Ihsan hospital.  In addition their food donation program is one of the largest in the region.  Volunteers can sponsor families and school education for orphans or make direct donations in cash or kind to the centre, by visiting their website www.alihsan.ae.

For more information on Koita and the other initiatives they support, head to their website www.koita.com.