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The Milkman has arrived in the UAE | Ordering Koita Milk Online to lighten your grocery load | Use your Seashellsonthepalm discount code to get 15% off

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Seashellsonthepalm has had a long working relationship with Koita because as a family we believe that Koita is trying to do something good.  It is an organically grown Dubai business although the key component to their successful enterprise, the cows,  live in Italy, a country with decades if not hundreds of years of experience in dairy farming.  I have always felt it important to educate families about certain choices, and to get the right information out there.

Online Delivery – new launch

Milk is one of the heaviest and bulkiest items on my grocery shopping list. With a family of 6, I will buy on average between 4 – 6 1L packs a week.  The milk is usually used for cereal, teas, cappuccinos, mash potato, pancakes etc.  Koita now delivers a wide range of milk making it easier for the weekly grocery shopping in terms of volume and weight.  The new online service will deliver cases of 12x 1L or 24x 200 ml from Lactose Free (non-organic), Skim Milk (organic) to Full Fat Milk(organic), as well as providing non-dairy solutions like Non-GMO Soy Milk (non-ogranic).  For more information about their free delivery service check out the link.  Koita Delivers.

Organic – what does it mean?

Organic milk means no added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or preservatives. This means a lot to me as a mum to know my children are not being exposed to unnecessary toxins in their developing bodies.  I know it is always not possible to control what my children eat but I have an 80/20 approach to it all, and if I can remove certain chemicals from their daily intake I will certainly try.  Koita cows live in northern Italy and are fed on grass grown in volcanic soil.  The Koita Organic Milk range includes full fat, low fat, skim milk and for the occasional treat chocolate milk.  We usually buy the low fat or skim milk which are family favourites.  The organic chocolate milk we might keep in the fridge for the occasional ‘treat day’  – it makes a quick hot chocolate on a chilly Dubai day or you can freeze them in lolly containers to turn them into organic chocolate ice-creams on a warm summer’s day.

Lactose Free  – New launch

Due to popular demand because of a high number of lactose intolerant people from the Middle East, Koita has now created the first lactose free milk in the market that is free from added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and preservatives, which is still produced in Italy.  The milk is created by adding a natural enzyme lactase to the milk to break down the lactose milk sugar into more easily digestible sugars, enabling people who are lactose-intolerant the ability take milk into their diet.  The Lactose Free milk is not organic but remains free of unnecessary chemicals and toxins, but cannot be declared organic only due to the feed of the cows.

Non-Dairy Soy Milk – New launch

Soy lattes and cappacinnos have always been popular, and for those who prefer not to have dairy in their diet can use the Koita Soy Milk which is an ideal substitute.  The milk is not organic but the soy has been created from non-GMO soy.  Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms that have been created in a laboratory using genetic modifications/engineering techniques.  Scientists, and many other groups including consumer groups have cited many health and environmental risks to consume foods containing GMOs.

For more information or to make your first online delivery go to Koita.com 

And don’t forget! Offer: Seashellsonthepalm readers can receive a discount of 15% on a one-time purchase of AED500 or less and deliveries within the UAE are free.  Offer is valid for 30 days. Quote: SEA15p

Koita gives back | Koita Organic Milk uses some profits to help underprivileged children.

Seashells On The Palm tries our best to support companies and individuals who give back in a big way whether with time or money, and we think it is important that these incredible individuals with big hearts be recognised and be given a platform to share how they are helping others. Given the recent plight of Syrian refugees highlighted by the tragic death of a three-year old boy, the world ashamedly realised how numb we have become to the suffering of families and children on our doorsteps and that we need to remember our humanity again.

Home grown Koita Organic Milk, a new and growing enterprise only launched in 2015, last month gave a total AED85,000 in Koita Organic Milk and cash to the local charity, Al-Ihsan Charity for Orphans and Needy Families, one of the few initiatives that they support.

The spirit of giving back is very much at the heart of the Koita ethos. ‘Living in Dubai, we all take for granted the great lifestyles we have,’ says Mustafa Yusuf Koita, Founder and Owner of Koita. ‘Unfortunately, there are many underprivileged families we don’t see and with our continued charity work we want them to be noticed and supported.  Giving back is part of the Koita company mandate, we are very proud to be helping the Al-Ihsan Charity.  We hope this initiative will also encourage others to give back to such a worthy and needed cause.’

Al-Ihsan is a not-for-profit organisation that has been operating in the UAE since 1990, providing financial aid and health assistance and undertaking rehabilitation projects for families in need in the UAE.  For example approximately 12,000 orphans and needy families are given free medical attention via Al-Ihsan hospital.  In addition their food donation program is one of the largest in the region.  Volunteers can sponsor families and school education for orphans or make direct donations in cash or kind to the centre, by visiting their website www.alihsan.ae.

For more information on Koita and the other initiatives they support, head to their website www.koita.com.

Koita Organic Milk | Clean and fresh milk produced in Italy now available in Dubai

If you didn’t realise by now, I am passionate about organic foods and I try to integrate as much as I can of that food philosophy into my family’s meals.  It is always great to hear about another organic product coming to the market, and we are love to support Italy.

Before hitting the Dubai shelves, Koita spent quite some time researching what parents in the Middle East considered “clean milk”. Koita discovered parents wanted healthy milk for their children, produced without pesticides or artificial hormones in an environmental friendly packaging.

Koita Organic Milk is produced in Italy by happy grass fed cows and the TetraPak packaging is made of paper, not plastic. This premium organic milk doesn’t contain antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides or added sugar, and still has the great taste of fresh milk. It also has added Vitamins A & D3 and comes in Low-Fat (Semi-skimmed – Blue color) and Whole Fat (Red color) 1 litre packs.

We were introduced to Koita Organic Milk and the kids loved it. What Koita promises is that it has no synthetic hormones, no toxic pesticides, no artificial preservatives and no antibiotics.

Additionally 5% of Koita’s annual net profits are donated to local and regional charities in the GCC region. In the end, it’s a win win situation, while you introduce better quality foods to your family, you are still able to help others.

When we moved to the UAE 6 years ago, organic was rare, and now there is a growing choice for families to switch to organic, and the prices are becoming more affordable in Dubai.  Koita is available at Spinneys, Waitrose and Choitrams, and if you prefer you can also get free delivery when ordering online 4L or more of milk.

To learn more about Koita Organic Milk, visit their website: