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Her Little Black Book | Helen Farmer (Spearman) | Editor of Good Magazine

Helen Spearman is the warm and bubbly Editor-in-Chief of Good Magazine.  Helen is entering a new phase in her life as she has recently got married and is also pregnant with her first child.  The magazine is a great resource of daily life in Dubai aiming to help us  live easier, better and simpler, changing the way we shop, eat and live. With a wealth of knowledge on what is happening in Dubai, from her role as Editor, we dig into Her Little Black Book on what she has discovered in Dubai for her pregnancy and her baby.

#Pram of choice

After much research into weight, price and practical things by my husband, and a quick look by me at available colours, we have opted for the Bugaboo Cameleon. Pricey, but for ease of movement it seems to be worth it.

#Best place for a pregnancy massage

I’ve treated myself to several Yummy Mummy massages at SensAsia Urban Spa – I’ve always loved it there, and the ginger tea takes on a whole new level of importance during pregnancy. Heavenly.

#Favourite pregnancy advice book

My mental capacity has definitely taken a nosedive over the last few months, so heavy books filled with difficult to digest information have been a challenge. Instead I’ve been reading The Rough Guide To Pregnancy & Birth by Kaz Cooke, which combines relatable advice with amusing diary entries and fast facts.

#Most useful advice so far

Be kind to yourself, and buy a body pillow. This has truly changed my pregnancy, especially as I’m getting more uncomfortable as the weeks go on. Getting good quality sleep has made a huge difference.

#Your chosen doctor

I’m seeing Dr Jozsa at HealthBay Poly Clinic. He’s straightforward, upbeat and honest. Plus my husband likes him. The whole team at HealthBay have been brilliant – I’ve been seeing physio Laura Barrett there about knee problems, and start antenatal classes with the midwifery team next week. I’ve also heard great things about the care they provide after the birth. It’s very useful to have all the experts in one place.

#Top three food cravings

Nothing too strange I’m afraid! I was eating smoked salmon three times a day before I found out I was pregnant, then really fancied lemon sorbet and frozen yoghurt for a month or so. So middle class…

#Favourite maternity store

Destination Maternity has been great for bits and bobs, and most of my maternity clothes have come from H&M. I have tried to keep purchases to a minimum – just a few dresses, leggings, vests and TKD has been fantastic with lingerie and swimwear. I’ll be buying nursing bras from there.

#Favourite brand of pregnancy jeans

ASOS came through with a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans – I suspect they will be worn for brunches after the baby arrives.

#Most challenging part of the pregnancy

I really didn’t like lying to people in the first few months, especially when I was struggling with tiredness. Also, while we were married last December, the wedding was held when I was seven months pregnant, which was a challenge on the bridal gown front! Luckily a great wedding dress seamstress called Susanna Rachel Couture on The Palm made some skillful alternations. In general though, I’ve been very lucky and have felt very well throughout – no sickness, thank goodness.

#Your chosen hospital

Dr Jozsa delivers at Al Zahra and City, so our next task is to have tours of both and get a feel for both the facilities and staff. No doubt my husband will be timing the journeys too!