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Christmas Pampering with Sensasia Urban Spa | Sofia, my daughter and I enjoying some mother daughter time

Quote Seashellsonthepalm and your child will get a 50% discount when you book a parent child treatment.

Terms and Conditions: Subject to availability | Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion | Available at SensAsia the Palm | Valid until 31stDecember 2016

I can’t catch my breath, and I can’t remember if I spent quality time with the children especially just in the last 2 – 3 weeks.  I have been panicking to get work done, lists of Christmas shopping, and organising stuff in general.  I just seem to be ticking everything off the list but I am not sure if I have slowed down to actually enjoy the moment with my children over the last coupe of weeks.   One-on-one time has been limited to homework and violin practice.

Enough was enough.

I decided that Sofia and I needed some time on our own.  She is 6-years old in two weeks, and I can see she craves time alone with me.  I know I am suppose to be happy on her birthdays but there is a little sadness that she is growing up too fast.  Maybe I am the one who needs to ensure that quality time is booked in with her, creating some memories without her brothers.  She needs that one-on-one attention, she feeds off of it, more than the boys.

Sensasia Urban Spa has launched just for the month of December a parent and child massage.  Sofia jumped with excitement at the chance to be alone with me, and obviously rubbed it in with her brothers.  I was too exhausted to correct her.

It is just the perfect time to spend together.

The Holly Jolly Cocoa Butter Massage is something new and exciting at SensAsia for Christmas 2016, as the first ever treatment available for children over 9. Budding spa fans will be delighted to join mum or dad at SensAsia’s Palm Jumeirah spa to enjoy this exciting – and edible! – relaxation ritual. This 60-minute kid-approved treatment combines a mini Maple, Cinnamon and Sugar Body Buff, followed by a feather-soft 30-minute cinnamon, vanilla and sweet orange-scented cocoa butter massage, tailored to stimulate the senses rather than relieve tension. All finished off with some cookies and hot chocolate.

SensAsia also offers a grown-up version of The Holly Jolly Cocoa Butter Massage, lasting a full 60 minutes, which can be taken alongside their child within a private couples’ suite. The Holly Jolly Cocoa Butter Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate adult upgrade, using hot stone therapy to really hone in on holiday season tension.

I couldn’t wake Sofia up after her treatment.  Her therapist’s touch left her in a peaceful slumber.  Sofia’s baby skin was smooth from the homemade scrub and there was a Christmas smell in the air as we were both covered in the orange-scented cocoa-butter.  We are booking in again next week when the holidays start.

For other choices we got you the festive menu:

LET’S GET NOSTALGIC – 120 minutes / 699dhs 

Top-to-toe indulgence, laced with the joy of the season. Maple, Cinnamon & Sugar Body Buff followed by a hydrating warm syrup and spiced milk body wrap, invigorating massage… and mulled cocktail!

SILENT NIGHT – 60 minutes / 430dhs & 90 minutes / 530dhs 

A sleep-inducing massage using Chinese pressure point techniques. Cinnamon, vanilla and sweet orange oils work on weary muscles and lull the body into a state of dreamy slumber, before a sweet festive treat.

SANTA’S KNOTTY LITTLE HELPERS – 90 minutes / 945dhs 

A four-hand massage taking both mind and body to a new level of escapism. Two expert therapists work in tandem, focusing on either the top or bottom half of the body in sweet synchronisation.

MAPLE, CINNAMON & SUGAR BODY BUFF – 60 minutes / 395dhs 

As scrumptious as it sounds! A sticky, scrub-tastic maple glaze is applied where you need it most, sending you away super smooth, sparkling and smelling good enough to eat for that fabulous festive party!

THE HOLLY JOLLY COCOA BUTTER MASSAGE FOR KIDS – 60 minutes / 399dhs (only at SensAsia Palm) 

Children over 9 start with a mini Maple, Cinnamon & Sugar Body Buff, followed by a feather-soft 30-minute cinnamon, vanilla and sweet orange cocoa butter massage… and some SensAsia spoiling!


Our first ever family treatment! A full 60-minute cinnamon, vanilla and sweet orange cocoa butter massage, which can be taken alongside a child over 9 within a SensAsia couples’ suite at the Palm Jumeirah spa.


A longer, more indulgent upgrade of the original Holly Jolly, using the healing power of heated stones.

Next time, it will be the boys turn.  We will book Papa and one of the boys.  Good incentive to get them to behave for a Christmas treat – perfect when the school holidays start at the end of this week.

SensAsia Urban Spas are located at The Village in Jumeirah, Emirates Golf Club, Palm Jumeirah and Souk Al Manzil in Downtown Dubai. For more information, online bookings, gift purchases and a full treatment menu, visit www.sensasiaspas.com

SensAsia Urban Spa | Indulge for a good cause |In the Pink treatment in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Salina Handa, founder of my favourite spa, SensAsia Urban Spa, is one of Seashellsonthepalm’s Mums of 2015.  She places a strong emphasis on organic living, loves Pilates and  a huge supporter of charity.  She highlights this good cause by launching the In the Pink treatment.  Breast cancer, shockingly, still accounts for 30% of deaths in women in the UAE.

The 1 hour and 50 minute treatment costs 565 dirhams and every single dirham is donated to the local non-profit organisation, Friends of Cancer.  We applaud Salina and her team at SensAsia Urban Spa for this brilliant initiative.  They also have their best-selling signature oil that costs 99dirham, and all proceeds will also be donated to the same charity.

What we tried: In the Pink Treatment 1 hour and 50 minutes 565 dirhams

This treatment is ideal for Seashellsonthepalm.  If time was on our side, we should all follow the rule of thumb and use treatments on our bodies that we can consume, and this is one of those amazing treatments that is good enough to eat.  The treatment is a combination of a scrub, a mask and followed by a soothing Balinese massage.

The scrub – treatment time 25 minutes.

It is a homemade receipe created by the SensAsia Urban Spa Team of ground rice, rose hip, lemon juice, lemon essential oil, and fresh yoghurt.  Anna, my therapist, applied firm pressure to remove all the deadskin, and the scrub definitely brightened up my skin.

The body rub mask – treatment time 25 minutes

This is another homemade receipe made from clay, coconut, milk, fresh yoghurt, honey and rose hip.  The mixture is rubbed all over the body, and you are wrapped in plastic sheets and towels to allow the ingredients of the mask to absorb into your polished skin.  I was told that the coconut milk is absorbed better into the skin after a good scrub. During that time, Anna gave me a much needed relaxing head massage.

Balinese Massage – 1 hour

After a good polish and scrub, it is then time to indulge in a wonderful and relaxing massage.

Top tip: Ask for Anna.  She is a very experienced therapist from Indonesia, and applies the right and appropriate pressure

Results: It has been two days since the treatment, and before the treatment I had extremely dry skin on my legs because of the hormones from breast feeding.  I have since stopped breast feeding but my hormones are still readjusting, and one of the effects has been scaly legs and dehydrated skin.  The scrub and clay treatment definitely helped improve the my skin’s complexion, and it is a novelty compared with your typical sugar scrubs.  It is more hydrating and soothing on the skin.  Love the smell of the ground rice mixed with rose hip.  It smelt like a mochi ice-cream.  Yum.

Five minutes with Salina Handa – Founder and Managing Director of SensAsia Urban Spa.

It is generous of you that you are donating all In The Pink treatments revenue to Friends of Cancer and we love supporting businesses that give back. Why is raising breast cancer awareness so important for you?

Honestly, it was Dr. Sawson at Friends of Cancer. From the moment I met her, I was bowled over by her passion for the cause. Her relentless drive for helping and detecting underprivileged breast cancer patients, and what she was doing for the UAE community, is what made me want to do start the partnership. We’ve been working together for 10 years, and it has never felt like a charity arrangement, where you’re not actually sure where the money goes. I know every SensAsia dirham is being put to amazing use.

Why did you choose this particular charity?

Dr. Sawson! But another story that completely strengthened my choice is quite a personal one for SensAsia. We suspected one of our attendants, Evelyn, who worked at the Palm Jumeirah spa, had a lump in her breast two years ago. Dr. Sawson diagnosed her, so, that year, instead of giving our October donation to Friends of Cancer, we gave it to Evelyn to get the treatment she needed. Dr. Sawson has also visited the spas and taught our therapists how to conduct a self-exam, and also how to guide clients how to do this for themselves. She is truly amazing.

What exercises do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy?

I’m a huge advocate for Pilates. I will actually do the Stott Pilates Teacher’s Training at the end of this year. I don’t plan to teach, but it’s just something that really interests me in learning more about, that I know will complement everything I do with SensAsia. Also regular EXTEND Barre classes, and I’m a member at the Emirates Golf Club gym to get my cardio bursts in.

Do you believe in organic foods? If so, what products do you ensure that your family chooses organic?

Yes! I order organic chickens and eggs from The Farmhouse in Souk A Manzil, which is conveniently a few doors along from SensAsia! We have weekly deliveries from Ripe; I make my own granola… The list goes on, and the general rule is that nothing comes out of a box. Food is just so much more refined than when my husband and I were kids, and it is so important to me to educate my daughters to know the difference. They use the term “factory food” now, which is actually a little something we picked up from Jason Mraz when he was in Dubai for the Jazz Festival two years ago.

Describe a typical healthy meal in your home?

I love to cook. It really soothes me. A meal that would suit the whole Handa family would be Shepherd’s Pie, made with lamb and cauliflower mash instead of potatoes. I love to make sweet potato fries with a dusting of cinnamon sugar and parsnip shoestrings too. I have a great cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld called Deceptively Delicious and love to make her zucchini meat burgers, healthy Bolognese and quinoa salads.

SensAsia Urban Spa has four locations, The Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Golf Club, Souk Al Manzil Downtown Dubai, The Village.  For more information about the spa and locations go to www.sensasiaspas.com

SensAsia Urban Spa | Eve Lom Cleansing Facial | A little taste of Thailand in Dubai

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If you are in Dubai this July and August, and you have been reading our travel features in Phuket, you might want to treat yourself to a little taste of Thailand at one of SOTP’s favourite spa in Dubai, SensAsia Urban Spa.

What we tried: The Eve Lom Ultimate Cleanse

Time: 1 hour

Price: AED540

Therapist: Anna

Thoughts: I haven’t let anyone give me a facial in Dubai in 5 years after a horrific experience at a spa (we won’t name and shame them) that I haven’t been back since.  I normally just have some botox at my husband’s clinic but since I am still breast feeding so that isn’t an option right now and my skin has been looking more tired and dull after 4 children.  Looking for an alternative I decided to give my trusted spa a try.  I think the quality of treatments at SensAsia Urban Spa are great, built on a strong foundation as the owner, Salina Handa, grew up in Thailand, and she has such a lovely and simple philosophy to her brand.  The treatment was a lovely cleanse using Eve Lom products and a deep clean with 2 masks applied to the face.  Anna was light handed and the treatment was relaxing.

Results: My dull skin after all the hormonal changes from having a baby was brighter and cleaner.  It wasn’t a glow as such but my skin definitely looked better – I even got my plastic surgeon husband to judge it and it had his approval!  Believe it or not, but I will be back.

Top tip: Ask for Anna – she is a really great and experienced therapist for facials.

Special offers: If a facial is not for you, you can treat yourself to a massage at 40% off the regular prices.  A 60-minute Balinese massage normally priced at AED399 is only AED279 until 31 August 2015.  These prices only apply to certain signature massages that are booked between 10am and 4pm.

SensAsia Urban Spa has four locations, The Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Golf Club, Souk Al Manzil Downtown Dubai, The Village.  For more information about the spa and locations go to www.sensasiaspas.com

SPA-TACULAR summer in Dubai | SensAsia Urban Spa

Due to popular demand, SensAsia Urban Spa is bringing back its very successful Summer Massage Celebration.

SeasAsia Spa is celebrating its 10th anniversary and from July 1 to August 31, is giving you the chance to enjoy a selection of their most-booked massages for a very special price.

The Summer Massage Celebration prices apply to the signature massage treatments listed below, and can be booked and taken between 10am and 4pm on weekdays, at all four SensAsia Urban Spa locations.

HAI YOGA STRETCH MASSAGE (60 mins) – Dynamic, stretching and stress-busting


YUMMY MUMMY-TO-BE MASSAGE (60 mins) – Completely bespoke and bump-friendly


BALINESE MASSAGE (60 mins) – De-stress and unwind with this classic massage


KNEAD IT MASSAGE (60 or 90 mins)– Intensive massage that is just as it sounds… much needed!

WAS: 440dhs (60) / 540dhs (90)

SUMMER CELEBRATION PRICE: 299dhs (60) / 351dhs (90)

BALI CHIC MASSAGE (90 mins) – That little bit more… and pure urban bliss


SENSASIA HOT STONE MASSAGE (60 mins) – Relaxing, detoxifying and seriously stress-relieving


For more information visit: