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Dubai | Some Christmas present ideas for children

I know that Christmas feels a long way off, but is it?  It is just 8 weeks away, and it is time for me to pick up a few things to get them packed and shipped over to Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK for family, friends’ children and Godchildren.   I have learnt my lesson never to leave all of my Christmas shopping until the last minute again.  My credit card, for one, can’t take all the expenses at once.

If you are determined to be more organised this year, Babysouk.com has now added two unique brands to their already wide range of children’s items.


Oobi, the award winning boutique brand from Sydney for childrenswear and accessories, was added to Babysouk.com’s new range this autumn.  Oobi’s design philosophy is to allow children to be children.  To see their new collection please visit Oobi.

PAPINEE Animalia

If you are looking for something unique, the PAPINEE Animalia collections are ranges of beautifully crafted accessories and toys, with a strong focus on children. They ignite creative development, to spark enthusiasm and education in the beauty of art, the world, and playful learning.

Animalia is the first series from PAPINEE…from the Deers of New York inspired by Basquiat, the Chrysler building and underground NYC graffiti; to the Monkeys of Mexico created with historical hieroglyphics from the Aztec and Mayan civilization; PAPINEE Animalia is born from a deep respect and love of the animal kingdom coupled with contemporary art and rich & exciting moments from history.

Go to Babysouk.com to find more children’s items for your Christmas list.