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The Palm | Dubai | Weekend breakfast or lunch | Riva and Sophie’s Cafe

The weather is just gorgeous and it is time to eat outside especially with the kids.  If you are on the Palm and looking for a lovely outdoor venue to have lunch during the week or weekend, Sophie’s Cafe or Riva are good options.  Riva is also a beach club, restaurant and bar so you can spend the whole day with the family by the pool and beach.   The breakfast at Riva’s is divine, and what’s more the view is incredible.  For breakfast, I had poached eggs and smoked salmon, and I struggle to get my poached eggs right.  Both Sophie’s and Riva are located at the Shoreline apartments between building 7 and 8, with a pool and seaview.  Riva has indoor and outdoor settings.

I was lucky enough to try Riva after attending a lovely event hosted by the Big On Children team who brought in Super Granny, Andalene, to give advice to mothers on discipline for children, eating right, and much more.  Andalene travels the world as a speaker and parenting coach and is author of two parenting book.s  I have definitely picked up some important pointers for raising my four children.  Andalene also came by for a home visit to help put my husband, my nannies and me on the same page, and I have found her advice invaluable.

Big On Children is a fantastic resource for mums who need unique and personalised gifts for their children.  The store has from educational CDs and DVDs to cute singing alarm clocks.  We had previously featured the great buddy tag that Big On Children brought to Dubai to track your children over your phone using a bracelet.  See more on the buddy tags…

Big On Children is located at the Dubai Mall, on the 2nd Floor between Kidzania & Sega Reublic.

For more on Super Granny please contact Larissa Fletcher, Larissa@munchkins.me 050 911 4398

Dubai | Best pre-natal massage | Hands down.

The Mummy-To-Be massage at SensAsia Urban Spa | Palm Jumeirah

I just had the first massage in Dubai in months or has it been years?  Well done me.  I know it sounds ridiculous but with 3 children, I am also currently pregnant with my 4th, and a family business to run I always feel so guilty to take an hour out of my schedule for myself.  My guilt-ridden logic tells me it would normally involve a 20-minute drive there, have a treatment and 20-minute drive home – that is close to 2 hours out of my ‘work and home schedule’.

So, when SensAsia Urban Spa created the Yummy Mummy Club, and ‘forced’ on me a 90-minute pre-natal massage I thought that I would take up the opportunity.  I am also skeptical when it comes to pre-natal massage.  Most of the time, pre-natal therapists around the world are so scared of lawsuits that a massage involves someone rubbing almond oil on you, and nothing else much happens.  It usually leaves me feeling even more infuriated and irritable for wasting precious time and money, and I am feeling more tensed than relaxed after the treatment.  In 4 pregnancies, I only found one other location in Dubai (at a five star hotel so prices were not that reasonable, mind you) that did amazing pre-natal massages but the therapist was so good she was offered another role in a paradise resort.

The SensAsia Urban Massage appointment was with Anna, from Indonesia, and she was amazing.  I even debated on sharing her name on the blog for fear she would now be so booked out that I wouldn’t be able to request for her again.  She made my timeout worth leaving the real world behind for 90-minutes.  She used almond oil as a base, mixed with some pregnancy-friendly essential oils to massage into my skin to help to nourish the skin especially for the tummy area.  The best part was the perfect amount of massage pressure  she applied to relieve the knots in my shoulders and lower back, and my body felt much lighter.  It was not the useless butterfly fingers, which I might have expected, where nothing is achieved but Anna had good hands, and she was extremely well-trained on pre-natal massages.  She knows the typical places that might ache – I even pointed out on my appointment card to focus on my shoulders and my lower back, and she actually followed the requests.  I could not recommend Anna at the SensAsia Urban Spa more highly.

I just wished I could have been more disciplined about taking my mind off my task list during the massage.  I could feel my brain desperately working to remember everything that I had to do the moment the massage was over.  It took me 30-minutes to relax and the next 60-minutes was bliss so I personally would recommend the 90-minute massages.  I have since purchased the 3-month Yummy Mummy package to take advantage of the great prices and offers included.  I am imposing on myself a massage once a month to ensure that I am a better and more relaxed mum and wife during this pregnancy.

It’s also a really nice baby shower gift for friends who are expecting.  You know at least it will be really appreciated.  I will be organizing that for a few expecting friends for sure.

Well done, Salina Handa, who is the founder of SensAsia Urban Spa for creating the perfect time out for me.  I loved the entire experience.

To book your massage or other treatments you can call one of their following locations. www.sensasiaspas.com

The Village +971 4 349 8850

Palm Jumeirah + 971 4 422 7115

Emirates Golf Club +971 4 354 9228

Downtown +971 4 456 0866